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>> Monday, December 29, 2008

I rarely promote Multiply business sites because the invites annoy the hell outta me, and they spam my updates with "buy now! Cheap deals!" However, if I see sites that promote good quality products and that sell stuff for a cause, I help them earn buy purchasing their stuff.

Ohlala, I think this will be my first time to promote Multiply sites.

1. Little Red Dress
This is managed by Jihan Estrella. What I like about this site is that it doesn't just post photos of the apparel. Jihan really takes time to go out and have photoshoots with the clothes she's selling. Her clothes caters to teens and yuppies. She has also teamed up with Milk & Co and Red Logo.

For this Christmas, I had an easy shopping for gifts at Little Red Dress. I think I bought over 8 tops for my cousins and Titas. I had a chat with Jihan and she even helped me pick the perfect clothes for various age ranges.

You can check her clothes at: http://littlereddress.multiply.com/

Oh and another plus point: she doesn't spam.

2. Bilogically Speaking

This is a starting business, run by a group of high school girls. Bilogically Speaking sells accessories, all hand-made and personalized. They basically charge you for the materials used, with a minimum pay for labor (i think. haha).

Before even looking through all their products, I ordered for a bracelet. Talk about impulse buying. I first ordered a pendant of the first letter of my name (guess what that is). Then, of course I needed something to hold that pendant. I chose a bracelet, because I rarely wear necklaces. I had two choices: chain or band. I got band and left the creative license to the maker.

HO daym the result was BEAUTIFUL.

I wasn't expecting that kind of bracelet. I can't wait to get it from them. I got a discount. I don't know why though. They said it's for the first customer. Hahaha I insisted that I pay the full price because it's all worth it. I'll be getting the bracelet in January.

Check them out at: http://bilogically.multiply.com/


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