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Olympic Dreams

>> Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thanks to Galileo, I am now an Olympic gold winner.

For 2008, our Christmas party theme is the Olympics, since it was the big event for this year. We came in dressed as medalists. We drew lots on who would be our identities. I got Kluge Roger, a silver medalist in cycling. I wanted to get Rafael Nadal because I had Nadal shorts, but Cha got him. Darn.

I always take costumes seriously, just like the Master Jedi Illuminara costume I made for Mrs. Matti's surprise party. I had the cycling shorts as a start. What I had to do was was the helmet and the top.

Costume sponsored by:
1. Ukay for the long-sleeved shirt (ehehe Jace, I'll just pay for the shirt you bought at Anonas.
2. National Bookstore for the textile paint
3. Mom for the strainer
4. Archuleta and Cook for keeping me company during the silent nights. :)) Singing is the way to go.

Chocolate medals were given out as prizes for games. We won the first game (dress me up with tissue paper) while Group 1 won the two games (charades and taboo). Natupad na pangarap kong maging medalist.

Group 1: the basketball player, the runner, the fencer and the swimmer

Group 2: the Judo master, the kayak-er, the archer, the cyclist and the wrestler

Group 3: the taekwondo master, the boxer, the tennis player, the gymnast, and the equestrian

Our team won the dress me up game!

The table ornaments were perfect to replicate the flowers given during the real Olympics.

More photos at my multiply.


spellarli 8:30 PM  

Wow, I hope we also have a theme for our upcoming Christmas Party! All my classmates could think about is food! Hahaha. xD

yumi 8:35 PM  

suggest a theme! haha we didn't think much of food because it was part of the room package. :P

spellarli 5:53 PM  

I wasn't really a fan of Marky but I know he had lived his life by making his family, friends and fans happy. My classmate even told me that he was a much better dancer than Mark Herras. Haha xD

I don't really know if we're going with the themed party but we started decorating our room earlier na. Parang may piyesta! Hahaha! Try ko pong magsuggest ng theme. :D

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