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>> Friday, December 12, 2008

This blog misses Josh Groban! It needs a Josh fix!

From his Paris photoshoot. Yay! No sucky watermarks.

Josh needs to host SNL soon. I swear he's soooo hilarious. This is a guesting at Never Mind the Buzzcocks. It's a British show and I've noticed that British shows bring out the comedic Josh.

First part:
"I can sing a song and make you cry. I kissed my hand and I liked it."

Second part:
Josh doing a Reggae version of a song. "MONN!" HAHAHAHAHAHA Win, win, win.

Third part:
Reciting a line from his song like he's in a declamation contest. Oh you'll always win my heart.

The whole thing is friggin' hilarious. He knows how to answer questions, even if some of the questions are quite annoying. That's our Josh!!


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