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i see the moon and the moon sees me

>> Monday, December 01, 2008

While I was at Tito Benjie's house in Makati, I noticed something unusual at the sky.

ZOMG. A smiling moon. I went on a text brigade and texted almost everyone who owned a camera, especially those who had telephoto lens (hellooo idowl RJ, RJ, Jihan, Reamur).

Well, it wasn't exactly a smiling moon. Two stars (not stars nitwit, they're not blinking) -- planets, namely Venus and Jupiter -- were situated right above a crescent moon. It looked like a huge luminous smile across the night sky. It was amusing.

People were outside their houses, trying to get a photo of it. I didn't bring my cam, (BOOOOOOOOO) so I settled with the second best: my phone cam. I joined the other people who took out their phones.

Zoom zoom zoom!

Swanget the photo. Ah well, I'll just snag photos as soon as RJ posts his. :P


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