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>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

Uh-oh. This will show how little I know about music and how biased I am to Josh Groban. hahaha

What describes the majority of the music you listen to? Acoustic, Classical, Pop and some of Rock
What's a band/artist you recently discovered that you really like? Anberlin and Benjamin Lewis
Do you only listen to bands on the radio? No. I don't listen to the radio. The ads annoy the hell outta me. :))
Only undiscovered bands? Not even.
What's the weirdest thing that you listen to? Bjork? :))
What's the most underground band/artist you listen to? The Filthy Youth. Is it an underground band? :P
The most popular? Beatles. My Chemical Romance. Daughtry. Ummm.
Do lyrics or music matter more to you when you're deciding if you like the song? I go with the music first. Then when the lyrics is nice, the song becomes a favorite.

Favorite genre? Classical
Least favorite genre? Rap. Oh camon.
Favorite band? Anberlin. I need to listen to them more.
Least favorite band? Cueshe. :| =))
Favorite solo artist? I don't need to think twice. OH HAI JOSH GROBAN.
Least favorite solo artist? Some Filipino singers. Won't mention names. HAHAHAHA
Favorite retired band? The Beatles
Least favorite retired band? Uhhh. I don't know a lot of retired bands.
Favorite year for music? 2007. Josh came up with the best Christmas album evar.
Least favorite year for music? When was the New Wave? 80s?
Favorite album? Awake. :P (Buble's, Archuleta's and Cook's come in close second)
Favorite song? Now or Never by Josh.
Least favorite song? The Day You Said Goodnight. Pinakamalabong kanta.
Favorite radio station? 98.7 DZFE
Favorite band shirt (that you own)? I don't own band shirts. :P
Favorite music video? I'll go with Trish's answer: The Ghost of You and I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance. There's also David Archuleta's A Little Too Not Over You
Favorite guitar solo? Ummm. Dunno. :))
Drum solo? Josh's solo at Canto Alla Vita
Bass solo?
Keyboard solo? Josh's intro to America by Simon and Garfunkel. :P
Favorite lyric line? Maybe I'm young and in the ways of love naive - Josh Groban, Awake
Favorite album cover? Josh Groban: A Collection. HAWT. HOHAWT.

Do you have a song as your ringtone? What song? Mai by Josh Groban.
What's your profile song? Uhhh. None.
What do you like to listen to when you're sad? David Archuleta. haha
When you're happy? Josh Groban or Jon McLaughlin. Or Phil Stacey. or Idina Menzel.
When you're pissed off? David Cook or Michael Johns. :P
When you're in love? Josh Groban, Lee Mead, Christian Bautista
When you're heart broken? Dunno. Any, I guess.
Has a song ever made you cry? Yes.
What song? Cancer by My Chemical Romance. I guess it's because of the unofficial video on youtube.
What song currently describes your life? Awake by Josh Groban
What song makes you smile? Works for Me by David Archuleta
Most overrated song of all time? Bring me to Life by Evanescence. Gasgas naaaaaa.
What song makes you want to dance? Songs from Legally Blonde the Musical. :))
What song have you listened to too much recently? David Archuleta.

A musician you have a crush on? Josh Groban. Jason Castro.
Name a musician you think is a sell out? Ummm. Dunno.
What musician do you think would be really nice? David Archuleta. He's such a happy little kid.
Which would be a total a hole? I can't think of anyone as of now.
Which musician has the best style? Jason Mraz. :)
The worst? Miley Cyrus. :))
The hottest musician? David Cook/Michael Johns.
The ugliest? Dunno.
The weirdest? Bjork!! (I'm still in the "trying to appreciate her music" phase)
The most boring? I dunno. KLC? =))
Who's your favorite? JOSH GROBAN!
Have you ever had a dream about a musician? I had a recent dream about Josh Groban :))
Have you ever met a musician that you admire? Michael Johns. SQUEEEEEEE.

Ever role played about a musician/band? No.
Ever wrote a story? I have written a story. but not about my fandom :))
Ever made fan art? Yeah. The famous Josh doodle. A circle and curls. =))
Have you ever planned out your marriage to a musician? AHA AH HAHAHAHA May baby pa nga eh.
Do you have a band as a top friend? No.
Which one(s) and what place(s)?
Do you leave musicians comments and messages? Yeah. As if they read 'em.
Do you tell them that you love them? Ay they know. :))
Do you fantasize about them? Ahahahahahahahahahaha NEXT!
Do your friends get annoyed by how much you talk about them? No. Quits lang. They fantsize about other artists too. Nakikijoin lang ako.

First Concert? I can't remember. Baka Kuh Ledesma. :))
Last concert? Michael Johns! HOT.
Favorite concert? Josh Groban. But I didn't watch. WALA KASI AKONG PAMBAYAD. APO concert!!! Laughtrip sobra.
Least favorite concert? Dunno.
What's the most you've paid to go to a concert? 4000-worth of receipts to get passes to Michael Johns' concert
Do you go to local shows? I used to.
What band do you really want to see in concert? Not band, but artist. JOSH GROBAN, ARCHULETA, COOK, CASTRO.
How many concerts have you been to? Dunno. I can't remember the past concerts.
What's the craziest thing you've ever seen done on stage? Michael dancing the schmexy dance. But it wasn't crazy. It was hot.
Would/have you thrown stuff at the performers at a concert? No WAI.
Do you mosh? NOoooooooo!!!
Do you dance? YES! I can't help it.
Do you sing along? OH HELL YEAH.
Do you yell? YES.

What instruments do you play? Piano. I used to know how to play the ukelele.
What instruments do you wish you played? The timber drums. :)) Violin.
Favorite instrument? Violin/piano
What instrument do you think is the hardest to play? Tuba. Carrying it is difficult enough! hahaha
The easiest? Triangle. heller. :)) ting ting ting!
Were/Are you in band/orchestra in school? Band, yeah. :))
If so, what did you play? Keyboards
Can you read music? Uh-huh!
What is the coolest instrument, in your opinion? French horn.
What instrument screams "DORK!!"? Those huge drums.

Have you ever been in a band? Yeah. But that was for church.
Are you now? No. Boooo. =))
If you were and you aren't now, why'd you break up? We grew up ang graduated from sunday school.
If you are now, have you ever played a live show? No.
Have you ever recorded a song? No.
Have you ever played in battle of the bands? NO.
Names of the bands you've been in? Sonshine Street. :))
Considered a career in the music industry? Yes.
If so, what career? Pianist :P
Do you dream of being famous? Who doesn't?
If you had a band (and you don't currently), what would you name it? Stringed notes? hahahaha
What would your stage name be? Naomi
What would you play? Percussions.
Do you write songs? No. :))
Music AND lyrics? lyrics nalang.

How many albums (case & all, not burned) do you own? 20+?
How many mp3's do you have on your iPod/mp3 player? over 150.
How many songs do you have on your computer? 3000+. I just cleaned my iTunes. The real count is in my lappy.
How many bands/artist do you have listed on your myspace music section? I don't have myspace. Wait, I have. but I don't check it. :))
How many of your friends on myspace are bands? Walaaaaa.
What's the most played song on your music library or mp3 player? Josh Groban, Archuleta, Cook.
How many band shirts do you own? None.
How many posters on your wall are band posters? None. I threw away my bloomfields poster. :| =))

Drummers? Cool beat-keepers
Back up dancers? Not needed!
Guitarists? Harmony. :D
Lead singers? Charmers. Hellooo Ed Westwick.
Groupies? Feeling girlfriends. =))
Bassists? You think they're unnecessary, but they bring the oomff to the melody.
Keyboardists? LOVE THEM. hahaha biased.
Pianists? I miss being one. :P
Country? Love-hate relationship. Phil Stacey woooo!
Pop? Cute. head-bopping.
Emo? Don't like em, don't hate em either.
Death metal? Sakit sa tenga.
Punk rock? Define punk rock. haha ok siguro. :))
Christian rock? Love em.
Goth? No
Classical music? First love.
Boy bands? Nakakamiss. Di na uso boybands ngayon. :))
Sell outs? EW.
Grammys? I only watch the Grammy's if Josh is there. :))
Musicals? LOVE THEM.
The Beatles? They're an essential part of music history.
The guitarist from HH dying? :(

Do you think illegally downloading music is wrong? Yes, IF you're sell them.
Do you blast your music? Yuh. As long as it's Josh Groban.
Do you respect bands/artists that don't write their own music? Yep. Some people are born to perform, not write. :P
Do you add bands on myspace? No myspace ngaaaa.
Do you listen to local bands? Used to? :))
How do you discover new music? Through friends.
Do you and your friends have similar music interests? Yes. :)
You and your siblings? No siblings.
You and your parents? Josh Groban and Michael Buble.
What band/musician do you really want to meet? JOSH GROBAN PLEASE. AND THE AI7 BOYS.
What band/artist do you think is ruining music? AHA. HA. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Saving music? Josh Groban. ahahahaha Biased kung biased.
What band/artist do you think is going to break up/retire soon? Umm. secret. :))
What band/artist do you think is going to be around for another ten years? Josh Groban. David Cook.


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