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Waiting For Godot

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

One thing I'm thankful for my Philo teacher, Sir Migs De Jesus, are the handouts that he provides for our class. Besides the tons of pages of Marcel and Pieper, his readings includes plays. And being the student of creative writing, reading plays helped me appreciate Philo. I can't remember everything I learned way back in college, but the plays stuck with me. Sometimes, lines from plays are used as expressions.

There was one time when Ann was talking about deadlines.

"I think we should do the task ourselves. If we rely on them, it'll be like waiting for Godot."

You'd raise your eyebrows and ask, who the hell is Godot. Then, memories of my philo class come back to me. Waiting for Godot is a play about two people waiting for someone. They engage in a dialogue, meet two unusual characters, have disagreements, and continue to wait for Godot.

Godot never comes.

The play title becomes an idiom, an expression to say that you're waiting hoping for nothing.

Xander's stat over ym caught my eye. "Gandalf and Picard team up to wait for Godot."

Here we go again. It's that amazing play again.

According to BBC, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will team up to stage Waiting for Godot next year. I didn't know that they were both theater actors before they became famous for... you guessed it, Gandalf and Professor X.

They will tour the UK and run at West End from March 5 to June 28. (Ailen: BAKIT AKO NASA PILIPINAS?!) Here goes another wishful thinking in watching the show. I wasn't able to catch the Tanghalang Ateneo run of this because it was done batches ahead of me. They haven't redone the play, and I doubt if TA repeats plays. :P I guess I'll just reread the play and imagine Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart acting. Errr.

There hasn't been any news yet on who'll play the extra characters, Pozzo and Lucky.

Read the play here: Act 1 | Act 2.


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