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sending love

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wow! Ashen is loooove! She tagged me and I love her for being such a great blogspot friend. :)

Post the link of the person who loved you & post the rules on your site. Tag 7 people at the end of your post & post their links too of course. Let each person know they have been loved by leaving comments at their sites.

I send my love to...
1. Tia. She's a great friend! I've known her since college days. I met her way back in drama class when we ranted about a teacher. HAHAHA She also has a tumblr and a blogspot site. Since I'm on blogger, I'll post her blogspot link :) She's an AI fan like me, and she's gonna get married to David Cook. Haha
2. Marga. She used to be in blogspot, but decided to transfer to lj. She's an Ultra Runner. I love her because she's athletic and very opinionated. She's the same age as me, but she's more mature than me. hehehehe
3. Faith. We've known each other since forever. We're church mates. Actually, her brother is my batchmate in Sunday School. It was through the band Bloomfields that made us click. She's more of a fan than me, having went to their gigs a gazillion times.
4. Cielo. She's my big sister in blogspot. A mother to two wonderful kids, she blogs regularly on current issues and fads.
5. Dauphine. Another big sister. She's really proud of her baby and she blogs about her almost every single day! :D
6. Reanne. The young lady who'll be turning 18 in a few months! Hardworking, smart, and very talented. She's an Atenean (GO ATENEO!), she's part of the Blue Babble Band (she plays the clarinet), she's a writer (for Guidon), and she's a photographer!
7. Wowie. She's one of the coolest mommies evar! But I hate her now because she went to the US to watch Cirque. hahahah She's a great writer and she writes with style. :) She loves plays like me!


Ashen 7:26 PM  

i forgot to tell you that i loved you for being an awesome online pal too. lolol. anyways thanks! XD

marga 12:34 AM  

awww you are the sweetest. :) hey i'm not more mature than you are, i have my moments of idiocy too. :D

yumi 9:13 AM  

margabeb, but camon you got the spunk and the maturity to become country manager! :D

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