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come together and flail

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

... for this kid.

HE'S FRIGGIN' INSANE!!! Why can't my fingers do the kind of magic that he can do? I can do the thumping on the guitar board, but never the music. I can imitated the strumming, but I'm gonna need some cheats to be able to produce something worth listening to. hahaha He's amazing.

Oh Oprah and Ellen, if you're lurking at the world wide web, YOU MUST GET THIS KID ON YOUR SHOW.

He can play anything. AS IN ANYTHING. Classical, rock, 60s, pop, name it he can play it. WHOOOOHOOOOWHEEEEEEEEEEAMAZING STUUUFFFMHEEEEEN. I'm high.

COME TOGETHER RIGHT NOW OVARRR MEEEE! chenchen-pa-pa-paaaam! thu-thu-thuthumpp-puh-puh-puh!

And tagged by Ashen dear.

1. Each blogger must post this rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten facts about themselves.
3. Blogger that is tagged has to write at their own blog their 10 facts.
4. Tagged needs to choose 10 people to tag & list their names.
5. Don`t forget to live the tagged comments.

I've done this before. I'll change some of the things so it wouldn't look like I did the copy-paste from my archives.

1. I have three addictions: Josh Groban, American Idol 7 (note the season number), and tennis.
2. I got my first laptop when I was in 1st year college. Then Windows 98 was no more, so I had to let it go. I didn't upgrade it. It was lent to me though, so I gave it back to my tita. Now, I have mah own laptop. SAY HELLO TO VAIO! It doesn't have a name yet. It's white and it's beautiful. I want a lady name.
3. There are times that I am very OC. When that OC-ness is broken with last minute changes, I get irritable. :)) But it doesn't mean that I won't abandon the job.
4. I like action films more than cheesy-flicks. I like to watch love stories once in a while, but I can't stand the kissing scenes. Hhahaha I like the bombs and the gun firing more.
5. I don't know how to drive. BOOOO. Well, no yet. :P
6. Fact: I am a girl. =)) (that's another way of saying that I can't think of something to write)
7. Thinking of this week is making me broke. Why?
a. Archie's album is being released today.
b. David Foster's DVD/CD "Hit Man" will also be released today.
c. On Sunday, David Cook will come out with an album too.
d. Josh Groban's cd, "Josh Groban: A Collection" is available in Music One. Trish told me about it. I was already ready to get depressed about it because I know that it will only be available to select countries. Then I found out that it's here in the Philippine islands, earlier than the release in UK and Australia. HAHAHAH
There goes my money, down the drain. I haven't even purchased a cd yet.
8. My play is going to be staged by TA (Tanghalang Ateneo). *fireworks* I don't know the details yet, but it's confirmed by some people from TA. (/end bragging)
9. I make my own computer wallpapers: in the office, my desktop at home, and on my lappy.
10. I hate blocked sites. I hate the annoying pop up ads that make noise when I use proxy sites. "OMG NO WAY!!" I hear that annoying phrase a million times every day when I open lj. EPAL. There's also the "Stop, you make me blush." I just want to shoot those ads and say, "Stop, you piss me off." HAHAHAHA

There. Ten more things about me.

Trivia for today: My Archuleta play count is 28 plays per song. That's 15 songs. 15x28 = 420 plays for the Archieboo. His album is on loop since last week. :)) OH SHUT UP. It'll increase by the end of the day, because I don't have plans of changing playlists.


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