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Ateneo Batch 2006

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

DATE : 7 November 2008
TO : The Ateneo Class of 2006
FROM : The 2006 Aegis Editorial Board
RE : Release of the Aegis 2006 Yearbook

This is to update all regarding the status of the 2006 Ateneo Aegis Yearbook release. The final soft copy of the yearbook has already been handed over to the printers. The final proofing stage has been completed soon after, and the printers are currently in the process of setting the plates for final printing.

However due to production schedule constraints, the release date of 17 November 2008 cannot be fulfilled. The printer has prior business commitments and hence cannot accommodate Aegis 2006 in their printing schedule for the year 2008. This is also due to the fact that we are no longer granted first priority given the longstanding status of our contract with them. There have also been some issues that arose during the platesetting stage that hampered the schedule of the final printing.

As of today, all issues have been ironed out and the printer has communicated a start printing date of January 2009. Details of the release and delivery dates will be communicated separately as soon as the printing has commenced.

Thank you for your support and understanding of the delay in the yearbook production and release. This is also to extend our sincerest apologies to those whose requirements were misplaced in the process.

Rest assured that the group remains committed to the effort of releasing the yearbook at the earliest possible date, without compromising its quality and completeness.

Best regards,
The 2006 Ateneo Aegis Editorial Board

1. Blech. How many promises have you made? This is the nth time you said that printing will start January. January-schmanuary.
2. Understanding? :)) AHA. HA. HA. HAHAHAHA. We don't have any choice but to wait for (a) another memo from you, (b) the release of the yearbook.
3. The more you make memos and excuses about this yearbook, the more uproar it causes. Someone left a comment on my other blog. It was anonymously sent, and that person was really angry about the memo.

I quote:

I also want to inform you that some of my batchmates have already left the country. They're working abroad. Another one of them is leaving for Singapore on Tuesday. What sort of compensation are you willing to offer them? Are you going to mail the yearbook all the way there?

Point taken. If the yearbook was released the year we graduated, then these people have something to take with them when they migrated to different countries. Who now will claim the yearbook for them, now that they're not in the country anymore?

4. I hope the next memo you release will be about the hardcopy of the yearbook. A yearbook that we can claim and hold in our hands. No more promises please. If you're gonna come up with another excuse about the printing, DON'T EVEN BOTHER making another memo.

Jace: hahaha. yun na lang.
Vittorio: Upload na lang nila somewhere yung PDF so that everyone can just download and print it and ta-dah there's your yearbook!
Mitch: may torrent ang yearbook... pwede! :D
Jay: HOLY.COW. I think this idea has potential! An eYearbook!!!
Me: may excuse sila for that:
mabagal yung internet, di namin maupload ang large files.
Aegis Editorial Board

We have no other choice but to laugh at the matter and make it a running joke. But seriously, it ain't funny anymore.


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