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birthday holiday

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

While the country is celebrating the birth of a Philippine hero, I'm here celebrating the birth of MY hero.

Here's to 53 years and 53 more.

Happy birthday Dad, I love you.


ali baba

>> Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's fascinating how Filipinos are able to construct sentences with the use of only one syllable.

The syllable "ba" can be repeated a number of times, and mean different things depending on where you place the space in between the repetition.

1. Bababa ba?

The addition of one or two letters can change the meaning of the sentence.

2. Ibababa ba?

As not to leave you with clueless looks on what-the-hell I'm talking about, I'll translate them to English.

Number 1 can actually be a decent dialogue between two people. It simply means,

"Are you going down?
Yes, going down."

At the second number, I removed one "ba" and exchanged it with the letter "i." Notice how the sentence changes.

"Are you going to bring this [pertaining to any object] downstairs?"

You think that "baba" is a rootword meaning "down." Think again. I'll give you another example.

Babasahin. It still has the "baba," but it has no connection to down. Babasahin means "to read." Another confusing fact is that that word can also change its meaning, depending on which syllable you accentuate.

Bababa has a root word of baba. But babasahin has a root word of basa.

babaSAhin is to read. babasaHIN is what you're reading.

Babasahin ko ang babasahin. (I am going to read the reading.)

Oh, oh. let's try subtracting one letter from babasahin. Magic and wah-lah!

Babasahin (to read) - h = babasain

Babasain means "to wet." There is no way that the word is near to "to read." Confusing much? It's so confusing that I'm being fascinated about it.

There could be more combinations to the "ba" syllable. My mind's going blank just by thinking of these possible combinations (or maybe my brain refuses to think because I'm in a vacation mode -- OH YEAH 3-DAY WEEKEND!). The "Bababa ba?" dialogue has always been a joke among Filipinos. I'm sure they're also fascinated by the weirdness of the syllable combinations. I can't think of a Latin derivation explanation (just like English) to further understand roots of the Filipino language.

So, babay na ba?



promo, promo!

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Indios Experience
The Flickristasindios 1st Photo exhibit
Trinoma, Cinema Level
December 15-19, 2008

I got this from my multiply guestbook.

Free Concert against Free Music
Featuring Christian Bautista and the DLSU Pops Orchestra
November 28, 2008
Shangri-La Plaza
5pm onwards

I wanna watch Christian. ahahahaha


out of the water

>> Monday, November 24, 2008

The fish will once again jump out of the water.

Watch out for more details.
December 11-13, 2008



>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

David Cook's self-titled album is out now! For the Filipinos, the album is PhP 430, same price as Archuleta's. I have bought and spent my salary on Archie's album (plus Josh's special two-disc cd). I haven't bought Cookie's yet, which means I need to get to an ATM quick so I can withdraw and get my hands on that Cookie album.

BTW, Michael Johns is coming out with an album too. He said it'll be released by March of 2009. OHYEAH.

Back to the Cookie dough.

I'm drawn to the soft side of Cookie, as Lie and A Daily AntheM top my list of favorite songs from the album. The emotion put into the album touches your the soul. The sincerity on the lyrics is very evident. Most of his songs are co-written by him. All of his songs are based from personal experiences. Cook is definitely on his way of producing his own songs.

The most mellow song in the album is Lie. It has a nice ring to it, the melody makes you want to imagine a story that the song evokes. What I like about the lyrics is that deviates from the usual heart-broken lyrics of boo-hoo-you-broke-my-heart-and-i-can't-move-on. There is a sense of maturity in those words. My favorite lines are in the chorus.

The video was taken from his album launch at Hard Rock Cafe last November 18. The performance was also heard on his official website, davidcookofficial.com

David Cook
Lyrics from david-cook.org

You whisper that that you were getting tired
Got a look in your eye, looks a lot like goodbye
Hold on to your secrets tonight
I don’t want to know
I’m okay with this silence
It’s truth that I don’t want to end

You’re hiding regret in your smile
There’s a storm in your eyes I’ve seen coming for a while
Hang onto the past tense tonight
Don’t say a word
I’m okay with the quiet
The truth is going to change everything

So lie to me and tell me that it’s going to be all right.
So lie to me and tell me we’re going to make it through the night.
I don’t mind if you wait before you tear me apart
Look me in the eye
Lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie

I know that there’s no turning back
If we put too much light on this we’ll see through all the cracks
Let’s stay in the dark one more night
Don’t want to know
I’m okay with the silence
It’s truth that I don’t want to end

So lie to me and tell me that it’s going to be all right
So lie to me and tell me that we’ll make it through the night
I don’t mind if you wait before you tear me apart
So look me in the eye and lie, lie, lie

Don’t want to believe in this ending
Let the cameras roll on
Keep pretending
Tomorrow’s all wrong if you walk away
Just stay.

So lie to me and tell me that it’s going to be okay
So lie to me and tel me that we’ll make it through the day
I don’t mind if you wait before you tear me apart.
So look me in the eye and lie, lie, lie


josh for christmas

Another christmas wish. Well, wishes.

You know how much I love hoodies and snuggly jackets! It's white!

Omg the back design is purdeeee. I WANT.

Price: $40. EHE.

A Josh kulot pendant! ohlalala!

This is cheaper. hahahaha
Price: $20


"As you walk on by, will you call my name?"

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It was the best 11 songs of my life.

Michael Johns was a rockstar and he rocked the whole TriNoma. The moment the band went up the stage and the drummer banged his sticks together to signal the beat, everyone went NUTS. It was crazy amazing. Such love and support for the schmexy Australian.

Magic happened when he started singing. He didn't miss a note, people loved every second of it, and the band was fired up. Michael was sweating it out, but he didn't care. I'm sure he was having a wonderful time. He said so himself!

I am truly having a blast here in Manila. The people have been so warm and friendly. They love American Idol and MUSIC. Man is this country a music mad place.

Gaaaaaah. He actually indulged us with two more songs. After the 9th song (We Will Rock You/ We Are The Champions), people were shouting "Mooore!" Of course we wanted more, 9 songs ain't enough! He ended the night by singing "Come Together" by The Beatles. THAT WAS FRIGGIN' AMAZING.

I can't believe he came to the Philippines. I can't believe I got to watch him.

I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT TO HUG HIM. AND HAVE A PHOTO WITH HIM. jhsfpaiuh45pqu3h5pudhpsfughpsurthphaaaaahahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Forgive me for I don't have a scanner. Actually I do, but I couldn't find the installer. hahahaha I just took a photo of it. :P Photo courtesy of Picture City, who gave out free photos. :)

I've said this a million times and I'm saying it again. HE SMELLS SO DARN GOOD. He gives the best warm fuzzly big hugs.

WHOHOOOOO! *flails* Who said I've moved on from my American Idol craze?!?


michael rawr johns

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Guess who will be meeting Michael Johns tomorrow at Trinoma?

*mumbles incoherently while staring at the meet and greet stubs*

Excuse me while I go crazy.



Waiting For Godot

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

One thing I'm thankful for my Philo teacher, Sir Migs De Jesus, are the handouts that he provides for our class. Besides the tons of pages of Marcel and Pieper, his readings includes plays. And being the student of creative writing, reading plays helped me appreciate Philo. I can't remember everything I learned way back in college, but the plays stuck with me. Sometimes, lines from plays are used as expressions.

There was one time when Ann was talking about deadlines.

"I think we should do the task ourselves. If we rely on them, it'll be like waiting for Godot."

You'd raise your eyebrows and ask, who the hell is Godot. Then, memories of my philo class come back to me. Waiting for Godot is a play about two people waiting for someone. They engage in a dialogue, meet two unusual characters, have disagreements, and continue to wait for Godot.

Godot never comes.

The play title becomes an idiom, an expression to say that you're waiting hoping for nothing.

Xander's stat over ym caught my eye. "Gandalf and Picard team up to wait for Godot."

Here we go again. It's that amazing play again.

According to BBC, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will team up to stage Waiting for Godot next year. I didn't know that they were both theater actors before they became famous for... you guessed it, Gandalf and Professor X.

They will tour the UK and run at West End from March 5 to June 28. (Ailen: BAKIT AKO NASA PILIPINAS?!) Here goes another wishful thinking in watching the show. I wasn't able to catch the Tanghalang Ateneo run of this because it was done batches ahead of me. They haven't redone the play, and I doubt if TA repeats plays. :P I guess I'll just reread the play and imagine Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart acting. Errr.

There hasn't been any news yet on who'll play the extra characters, Pozzo and Lucky.

Read the play here: Act 1 | Act 2.


come together and flail

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

... for this kid.

HE'S FRIGGIN' INSANE!!! Why can't my fingers do the kind of magic that he can do? I can do the thumping on the guitar board, but never the music. I can imitated the strumming, but I'm gonna need some cheats to be able to produce something worth listening to. hahaha He's amazing.

Oh Oprah and Ellen, if you're lurking at the world wide web, YOU MUST GET THIS KID ON YOUR SHOW.

He can play anything. AS IN ANYTHING. Classical, rock, 60s, pop, name it he can play it. WHOOOOHOOOOWHEEEEEEEEEEAMAZING STUUUFFFMHEEEEEN. I'm high.

COME TOGETHER RIGHT NOW OVARRR MEEEE! chenchen-pa-pa-paaaam! thu-thu-thuthumpp-puh-puh-puh!

And tagged by Ashen dear.

1. Each blogger must post this rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten facts about themselves.
3. Blogger that is tagged has to write at their own blog their 10 facts.
4. Tagged needs to choose 10 people to tag & list their names.
5. Don`t forget to live the tagged comments.

I've done this before. I'll change some of the things so it wouldn't look like I did the copy-paste from my archives.

1. I have three addictions: Josh Groban, American Idol 7 (note the season number), and tennis.
2. I got my first laptop when I was in 1st year college. Then Windows 98 was no more, so I had to let it go. I didn't upgrade it. It was lent to me though, so I gave it back to my tita. Now, I have mah own laptop. SAY HELLO TO VAIO! It doesn't have a name yet. It's white and it's beautiful. I want a lady name.
3. There are times that I am very OC. When that OC-ness is broken with last minute changes, I get irritable. :)) But it doesn't mean that I won't abandon the job.
4. I like action films more than cheesy-flicks. I like to watch love stories once in a while, but I can't stand the kissing scenes. Hhahaha I like the bombs and the gun firing more.
5. I don't know how to drive. BOOOO. Well, no yet. :P
6. Fact: I am a girl. =)) (that's another way of saying that I can't think of something to write)
7. Thinking of this week is making me broke. Why?
a. Archie's album is being released today.
b. David Foster's DVD/CD "Hit Man" will also be released today.
c. On Sunday, David Cook will come out with an album too.
d. Josh Groban's cd, "Josh Groban: A Collection" is available in Music One. Trish told me about it. I was already ready to get depressed about it because I know that it will only be available to select countries. Then I found out that it's here in the Philippine islands, earlier than the release in UK and Australia. HAHAHAH
There goes my money, down the drain. I haven't even purchased a cd yet.
8. My play is going to be staged by TA (Tanghalang Ateneo). *fireworks* I don't know the details yet, but it's confirmed by some people from TA. (/end bragging)
9. I make my own computer wallpapers: in the office, my desktop at home, and on my lappy.
10. I hate blocked sites. I hate the annoying pop up ads that make noise when I use proxy sites. "OMG NO WAY!!" I hear that annoying phrase a million times every day when I open lj. EPAL. There's also the "Stop, you make me blush." I just want to shoot those ads and say, "Stop, you piss me off." HAHAHAHA

There. Ten more things about me.

Trivia for today: My Archuleta play count is 28 plays per song. That's 15 songs. 15x28 = 420 plays for the Archieboo. His album is on loop since last week. :)) OH SHUT UP. It'll increase by the end of the day, because I don't have plans of changing playlists.


Ateneo Batch 2006

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

DATE : 7 November 2008
TO : The Ateneo Class of 2006
FROM : The 2006 Aegis Editorial Board
RE : Release of the Aegis 2006 Yearbook

This is to update all regarding the status of the 2006 Ateneo Aegis Yearbook release. The final soft copy of the yearbook has already been handed over to the printers. The final proofing stage has been completed soon after, and the printers are currently in the process of setting the plates for final printing.

However due to production schedule constraints, the release date of 17 November 2008 cannot be fulfilled. The printer has prior business commitments and hence cannot accommodate Aegis 2006 in their printing schedule for the year 2008. This is also due to the fact that we are no longer granted first priority given the longstanding status of our contract with them. There have also been some issues that arose during the platesetting stage that hampered the schedule of the final printing.

As of today, all issues have been ironed out and the printer has communicated a start printing date of January 2009. Details of the release and delivery dates will be communicated separately as soon as the printing has commenced.

Thank you for your support and understanding of the delay in the yearbook production and release. This is also to extend our sincerest apologies to those whose requirements were misplaced in the process.

Rest assured that the group remains committed to the effort of releasing the yearbook at the earliest possible date, without compromising its quality and completeness.

Best regards,
The 2006 Ateneo Aegis Editorial Board

1. Blech. How many promises have you made? This is the nth time you said that printing will start January. January-schmanuary.
2. Understanding? :)) AHA. HA. HA. HAHAHAHA. We don't have any choice but to wait for (a) another memo from you, (b) the release of the yearbook.
3. The more you make memos and excuses about this yearbook, the more uproar it causes. Someone left a comment on my other blog. It was anonymously sent, and that person was really angry about the memo.

I quote:

I also want to inform you that some of my batchmates have already left the country. They're working abroad. Another one of them is leaving for Singapore on Tuesday. What sort of compensation are you willing to offer them? Are you going to mail the yearbook all the way there?

Point taken. If the yearbook was released the year we graduated, then these people have something to take with them when they migrated to different countries. Who now will claim the yearbook for them, now that they're not in the country anymore?

4. I hope the next memo you release will be about the hardcopy of the yearbook. A yearbook that we can claim and hold in our hands. No more promises please. If you're gonna come up with another excuse about the printing, DON'T EVEN BOTHER making another memo.

Jace: hahaha. yun na lang.
Vittorio: Upload na lang nila somewhere yung PDF so that everyone can just download and print it and ta-dah there's your yearbook!
Mitch: may torrent ang yearbook... pwede! :D
Jay: HOLY.COW. I think this idea has potential! An eYearbook!!!
Me: may excuse sila for that:
mabagal yung internet, di namin maupload ang large files.
Aegis Editorial Board

We have no other choice but to laugh at the matter and make it a running joke. But seriously, it ain't funny anymore.


to be with you

>> Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm being a little bit sentimental today. After a super giddy day yesterday (all thanks to Jake. I heart you from the bottom of my AI heart), one song from David Archuleta's album has tugged my heartstrings. "To Be With You" has a very nice melody and it catches the whole emotion of missing someone.

I was blog hopping from the links on my blog when I realized that I'm missing one person. This person used to be a regular blogger then poof, this person disappeared without a trace. This person had been a very good blog friend. Then all emotions escalated, then I started to miss a lot of people.

People come and go. There are people to keep, there are people that you have to let go. But they will always be remembered.

To Be With You
David Archuleta
Lyrics from SnarkyArchies

I've been alone so many nights now
And I've been waiting for the stars to fall

I keep holding out for what I don't know
To be with you
Just to be with you

So here I am, staring at the moon tonight
Wondering how you look in this light
Maybe you're somewhere thinking about me, too
To be with you... there's nothing I wouldn't do

And I can't imagine two worlds spinning apart,
Come together eventually
And when we finally meet I'll know it's right
I'll be at the end of my restless road
But this journey, it was worth the fight
To be with you

Just to be holding you for the very first time,
Never letting go
What I wouldn't give to feel that way

Oh, to be with you
And I can't imagine two worlds spinning apart,
Come together eventually

And when you're standing here in front of me
That's when I know that God does exist
'Cause he will have answered every single prayer
To be with you

Just to be with you, yeah

In case you're wondering, Archuleta's album isn't released yet. I'm just one big fan who has her sources and was able to get the tracks before the big release. :P Don't worry, I'll still be buying the album when it comes out next week. I'm on full support for the AI7 contestants. Do get Archie's album, you'll get a better version of his AI excellence. If you think he's already great during the show, wait till you hear his album. You'll see the maturity in his musicality, having written two songs, and trying out different song arrangements.

I quote Trish, "David Archuleta's album is made of win."


new president

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The White House has a new name. Obama will now call it "Mah Crib."


Kiddin' aside, congratulations to Obama for winning the presidential elections. If only our results would be as fast as the USA when we have our own elections. Congratulations too to McCain for putting up a good fight. He accepted Obama with all heart.

Behold, the new President of the United States of America. Barack Obama.

Now what will happen to the problems of the country? Obama has now 4 years to change the world. That's his motto right? I do hope it changes for the better.


sending love

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wow! Ashen is loooove! She tagged me and I love her for being such a great blogspot friend. :)

Post the link of the person who loved you & post the rules on your site. Tag 7 people at the end of your post & post their links too of course. Let each person know they have been loved by leaving comments at their sites.

I send my love to...
1. Tia. She's a great friend! I've known her since college days. I met her way back in drama class when we ranted about a teacher. HAHAHA She also has a tumblr and a blogspot site. Since I'm on blogger, I'll post her blogspot link :) She's an AI fan like me, and she's gonna get married to David Cook. Haha
2. Marga. She used to be in blogspot, but decided to transfer to lj. She's an Ultra Runner. I love her because she's athletic and very opinionated. She's the same age as me, but she's more mature than me. hehehehe
3. Faith. We've known each other since forever. We're church mates. Actually, her brother is my batchmate in Sunday School. It was through the band Bloomfields that made us click. She's more of a fan than me, having went to their gigs a gazillion times.
4. Cielo. She's my big sister in blogspot. A mother to two wonderful kids, she blogs regularly on current issues and fads.
5. Dauphine. Another big sister. She's really proud of her baby and she blogs about her almost every single day! :D
6. Reanne. The young lady who'll be turning 18 in a few months! Hardworking, smart, and very talented. She's an Atenean (GO ATENEO!), she's part of the Blue Babble Band (she plays the clarinet), she's a writer (for Guidon), and she's a photographer!
7. Wowie. She's one of the coolest mommies evar! But I hate her now because she went to the US to watch Cirque. hahahah She's a great writer and she writes with style. :) She loves plays like me!


cookie on snl

>> Monday, November 03, 2008

This has to be the best SNL episode I've watched. Not because DC was there, Ben Affleck was really funny. He had a lot of skits and solo exposures on the show, unlike some hosts like Michael Phelps. There were a lot of funny hosts, but Ben Affleck gave me the lulz.

What made the show more wonderful is David Cook's appearance as the musical guest. He sang his single, Light On, and a preview of Declaration, a song that will be included in his album. Album to be released on the 16th!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

I love this preview. "Obama" and "McCain" are funny. :))

"Uhhh guys, it doesn't work that way."

The episode is available for download on mininova.org

Updates on other Idols:
1. Archuleta's album will be out on November 11. It's also the release date for David Foster's DVD/CD, Hitman. Josh Groban, Michael Buble and Michael Johns performed at this concert.

2. Speaking of Michael Johns, HE'LL BE HERE ON NOVEMBER 18-21!!!!!!!! I'm serious! Here's his mall sched:
November 18- TriNoma
November 19 - Glorietta
November 20 - Alabang Town Center
November 21 - Greenbelt 3
OH MY GADDD. Come on let's watch the Aussie! Camon sexy love and liiieee, just close your eyes and (pause) HOLD. ME. TIGHT!!! *flails* I so want to get VIP tickets. But I won't expect that much. I just want to see the schmexy Michael in the flesh.

I'm ready to be happily broke. ALL FOR AI!


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