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want a lollipop?

>> Monday, October 20, 2008

We had another photoshoot last Saturday. It's the first time I took photos of a model because for the past two meetings that I was present, I was the "model." (I had to use the quotation marks because I can't really consider myself as a model. I fail at the height. ahahaha)

Jace brought along his friend and former officemate, Alula, to be our model for the day. Originally, we were supposed to dress up Alula like a doll. She'll be a human doll, with an outfit exactly like a stuffed toy. Buuut, we couldn't find a doll and we would need a seamstress to sew a dress for Alula. So we changed the theme the last minute.

As always :)) We never follow our planned theme. It's always impromptu, but that's the challenge for the make-up artist and the photographers.

The sunlight is the best lighting, but in effect, it melted us to puddles. We had to do a quick shoot or else our model would sweat it out and ruin the make-up.

It was a fun shoot and Alula was very cooperative and very game. Come to think of it, we did stick to one prop: a lollipop.

a lollipop for a beautiful day

Model: Alula dela Cruz
Make up: Ceres Barrios
Photographers: Jihan Estrella, Jason Lim, RJ Condecido and MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

More at my multiply and flickr.


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