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So, how was your muddy experience?

>> Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One thing common about the people who went to the bonfire yesterday: muddy shoes.

The rain poured around 4 pm, causing a massive slosh pit at the Bellarmine field. So when people started to come, the grounds weren't dry yet. I pity those people who wore flats or open toed shoes. I'm sure today, everyone is cleaning their shoes. I just finished picking out the mud on mine. haha I, too, was supposed to wear a peep-toe pair but I anticipated the rain that morning. So much for planned skirts, I changed into my pants and my boots.

Ailen and I left the office around 620 and survived the MRT ride. We didn't take the trike anymore to Ateneo because traffic was B-A-D.

Everyone was walking towards the bonfire. While we were nearing the field, the cellphone signal started to get jammed. I tried calling Martha and Trish, but all I got were busy signals. Everyone was trying to look for their friends in that sea of blue. Lucky you if you were able to get through the busy lines.

I first found Martha who was stuck at the Bel waiting shed with her parents and brother. We were screaming like mad, because FINALLY I saw her. I bumped into Cams who was also looking for people. Angge joined us a few minutes after. Then Kooks came (and left hahha). Then that was it. Lost series again. Angge and I tried to go around and ended up staying in the middle of the street to cheer for the Senior Team who went up the stage.

We tried our luck to buy a drink (my boot got stuck in the mud. HAHAHAH). Angge went home minutes before ten. I saw Vit.

I saw Chikai coming out of the Bel field. HORAAAH! She survived the slosh pit!

Then the wonderful fireworks.

It was the greatest thing of that night. I got out my phone and took a video of it. SOMEONE (hahaha you know who you are) shouted "Go LaSalle!" during the video.

Here comes the frustration.

1. I FORGOT TO SAVE THE VIDEO. In my excitement and awe of the fireworks, I pressed escape rather than save. AW DAMMIT. I hate myself for that. :))
2. Trish was just a few steps away from me during the fireworks. AND I didn't see her. AT ALL.

I left the venue after the fireworks, leaving Chikai alone to look for Martha. Awwww. I'm sorry dearie, but I reallly had to go. heehehe

I told Mom and Dad not to enter Ateneo anymore to fetch me because the traffic was terrible. It would be useless to take a u-turn to Ateneo. The road was a parking lot already. I walked from Bel and crossed the overpass. We took the side streets from Xavierville and exited at QC circle. Thank God for side streets to escape traffic.

Overall, it was a great experience. I guess if it weren't for the rain, the mud and the bad signal, I would've enjoyed it more. As I said before, I didn't go for the bonfire. I went to be with wonderful friends who were present to share the experience of being one.

To the other friends who I knew who were present (Tia, Marga, Chino, Deng, Cathy, Reamur, Janess, and whoever else) we'll see each other next time. Somewhere less crowded, right? :))

And to the people I saw, HORRAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! ZOMG.

To TRISH VELEZ (oo, special mention ka). whythehelldidn'tiseeyou?? I thought Kirk was the one at number 15. So instead of seeing you, I saw Chikai. =)) So near yet so far! Aw dammit. Next time... again? Sayang! Ms. South visiting the North! awww maaaan.

Lastly, to the unexpected visitor. It was great seeing you... in blue. HAHAHAHAHAH But really, thanks for coming, even if it was just for a short period of time. I do hope the traffic was all worth it. I think that my phone was doing a favor for me when I forgot to save the video. The "Go LaSalle" wasn't meant to be saved. hahahahaha jooooooooooooke. So, till next curfew? :)) Ah, next Ateneo bonfire. NEXT YEAR. OLE!


TheUnexpectedVisitor,  9:50 PM  

Go LaSalle!!

yumiskee kulitskee 9:52 PM  

wooo if i know you were cheering for ateneo eh! kaya ka pumunta ng bonfire eh! hahahaha

mikels 1:45 AM  

the burning of wood with the names of the green archers, is that for real? Isn't diabolical?

yumiskee kulitskee 9:21 AM  

i didn't stay long to see the bonfire. like i said, i left right after the fireworks. :P I didn't even pay attention to the program. I wasn't even aware of the names on the stakes until someone posted pictures of it on multiply.

Honestly, I think it's a low blow. I asked a friend who was present to verify it. My friend said it was something like commemorating the fallen heroes (just like the burning of the torches at one season of Survivor).

I think it was unnecessary to write their names on the stakes. I really don't want to make it into a big issue. Everyone had a different experience with the bonfire, and all I remember and will remember that it was muddy. That's it. :P

mikels 2:14 PM  

haha.. muddy? I'm glad ur such an open-minded person. Unlike others.

yumiskee kulitskee 3:22 PM  

yeah, because of the rain. :)

mikels 8:29 PM  

oh I c.. Well time to move on, the bonfire is so yesterday! Why is it that a lot of people still talks about it?

Magkakaisa pa kaya ang blue & green...?

yumiskee kulitskee 9:07 AM  

ay true that. Move on people, there's nothing you can do anymore about the bonfire and the whole 71st season of uaap.

Friends naman ateneo and lasalle eh. pag uaap lang nagiiba ugali. hahah But sa ibang sports, naghhug pa yung mga players after the competition. Basketball lang talaga madugo. :)

Bayaan na natin silang mag-away. Joining the rumble will only make things worse.

Come on, don't fight over basketball. :P

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