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lao shr, tsai tsien

>> Saturday, October 25, 2008

We are now Tai Chi masteerrsssss! *pumps fist into the air* HOYEAAAAAAAAAAH.

We just finished learning the Chen Style this morning. On Wednesday, we're just going to review the moves, in hopes that we'll memorize all of them when coach leaves for China.

WHATWAITWHAT? Coach is leaving?

Sadly, yes. He and his wife are going back to China. They'll be back, I hope. He promised he'll come back to teach us more styles. October 29 will be our last training day. We'll be having a send-off party for him and his wife after training.

*lip quiver*

Awwwww. We're going to miss him!

Coach allowed us to bring our cameras today. Coach became an instant celebrity. We lined up for photos, took class pictures, and asked him to do Tai Chi poses. Imma give him a copy, PRINTED AND FRAMED. Ahahaha, ohlala.

I'm gonna miss waking up early for Tai Chi. I used to dread waking up so early during Saturdays for training. Oh hello, it's the time to bum around and wake up in the middle of the day! But no, I'm awake like it's a work day, hurrying to get to Crossroad on time. Next Saturday, I'm back to being a weekend bum. Aw shucks, no more Tai Chi.

I gotta keep on doing the routines or else I might forget the movements. Didyaknooow that the Chen Style (video over there. yes up there!) is a martial art? Yes o yes, it can be used for self defense! While we were learning the moves, Coach taught us the practical applications of each step. It may look boooring and slow, but actually, those moves can kill or break your neck. OHSOCOOOOL!

That's Coach John in all his tai chi glory

Oh hai classmates!

Tai chi ain't for the oldies only! It's for all ages and it'll strengthen your legs. When coach comes back (hopefully March), LET'S ENROLL!! Issacoolsport.


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