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first and last horrah of west side

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

If only I have all the money in the world, I will watch plays and musicals twice. But of course, each show costs thousands (some tens of thousands. efft) so I really have to save up for good shows. And of course, I always want the good seats.

Now it begins, now we start
One hand, one heart
Even death won't part us now

Just like the wonderful seats I got for West Side Story (second row baby!)
And yay, I watched it twice!

There were two three reasons why I was excited to watch West Side Story:
1. Christian Bautista in a musical
2. Plays from Stages (Trumpets Philippines) are always of excellent quality
3. Christian Bautista (oh did I say Christian Bautista already?)

They didn't disappoint. After watching it twice, I'm still on a hangover. The production should've provided CDs of the musical because I'd definitely buy one. A lot of people were looking for a soundtrack of the West Side production, which means it was worth listening to again and again and again.

We're gonna rock it tonight
We're gonna jazz it up
And have us a ball

Seeing the actors strut their stuff for the final time last night gave me a bittersweet feeling. I understand the hardwork and dedication that each actor has to give every single show. And doing it for the final time will relieve them of the pressure, but at the same time, subtract a routine that they love: performing without cuts.

Seeing Christian doing a flimsy cartwheel made me smile. He deserves the happy gesture, he did a great job as Tony. I like him better as a theater actor, because he is able to exercise his vocal chords. He improved a lot since his Star in a Million days.

I just wish I got two different Marias for the two shows so I could do a comparison. We had Joanna Ampil (lovely, lovely, lovely high notes) as Maria, Rowena Villar (ay! ay! ay! Brava!) as Anita and Jake Macapagal as Bernardo (BernARRRRRdo). I did see Karylle lurking around the lobby while waiting for the 8pm show. She did the 3pm show and I wanted to tell her to do the last show too because I've seen Joanna already. Haha

Tonight, tonight
I'll see my love tonight
And for us stars will stop
Where they are
Today the minutes seem like hours
The hours go so slowly
And still the sky is light
Oh moon
Grow bright
And make this endless day
Endless night, tonight!

I'm giving the play 11 out of 10 stars. Everything is superb: the set, the direction, the choreography, the cast (ANITA RAWKS MAH SAWKS), the lighting, the acting, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! There was still an element of surprise even if I watched it the second time around.


My favorite character -- besides Christian (OH HAI) and Rowena -- is Riff. Riff's character was played excellently by Gian Magdangal. That kid's got it all. He can dance, he can sing, he can friggin' act. He was my bet when he was a contestant for Philippine Idol (I voted for him like craaazeeee) and I was soooo glad when I found out that he'll be playing Riff for all shows. He was so funny while singing "Gee, Officer Krumke" with the rest of the Jets.

Oh there's another great singer/actor too! I don't know the actor's name though (TOINNGKKK). He was the one who sang "Cool." A character named Ice was supposed to sing it, but the programme doesn't have an Ice character. hahaha Ah well, whoever you are, you got great vocals!

Breeze it, buzz it
Easy does it
Turn off the juice, boy
Go man, go
But not like a yo-yo school boy
Just play it cool, boy

My musical year is full and happy. There was Cinderella, twice on West Side (OH YEAAAHHHH) and on November... Hairpspray! Gooodmarneeeeng Balteemoooore!

*copies Christian's cartwheel*

and oh, I got tagged by Ashen!

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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lazy me to tag. :)) All the tagging goes to my multiply.

1. I am addicted to tennis. I don't play tennis, I just love watching and keeping track of the tournaments. Federer will be playing at the Masters Madrid. Nadal is at the other side of the draw. Feddy WILL win it!
2. I love musicals. This entry says it all.
3. Josh Groban is my favorite kulot. (ay duh.)
4. I am wishing for two things: a new camera lens and a raise. HAHAHAHA
5. I'm taking up Tai Chi classes (I know the Yang style already. and we're now learning the Chen 18 style)
6. This is the first time I've started to go Christmas shopping early. I usually cram my shopping at the first day of December. This year, I started my list! I'm halfway done!


Ashen 8:04 PM  

Christmas shopping still isn't in my to do list up to now so lucky you. I sort of love musicals too although I can't afford to actually watch one and take note, twice. LOL. x]

yumi 8:57 PM  

It's the first time I went on a musical spree. Usually, I only watch once in a blue moon or small school plays. :P

I've learned my lesson on cramming for gifts. :)) I still need to save for Christmas parties. LOL

TheUneXpectedVisitor,  2:30 AM  

Maria was really great..hmmm, i wonder why? hahaha!=))

"I still need to save for Christmas parties" --and also for my 'foundation'. haha

yumi 2:45 PM  

WEH. alam ko na yang hirit mo. WEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. =))

yeahyeahyeah, you're not donating to my foundation too!

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