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cut the crap

>> Saturday, October 04, 2008

Come one people. Let go of the bonfire issue. I mean, the basketball season is over, the bonfire is over. Ateneo won and there's nothing you can do to take back that trophy.

So cut the crap on La Salle is better and Ateneo has no values blahblahblah.

Remember, no school is perfect. Ateneo has its flaws. La Salle has their share of shame too. (Let me remind you of the record faking that caused a suspension).

Puh-leeeze. Stop the bashing.

I'm not pulling down La Salle. I'm not saying that Ateneo is the better school and people should study there. If you're meant for Ateneo, then go to Ateneo and love it. If you're meant for La Salle then congratulations, that's the place where you'll excel.

I have nothing against La Salle. I have wonderful friends from that school. The rivalry starts when the UAAP basketball season is up. We tease each other on who deserves the championship title. But after all the games, after the medals and after the alma mater songs, the jeering stops. No bashing. No blaming. That's how it should go.

As for the bonfire pictures. WTF, LET IT FRIGGIN' GO. Don't come clean and say "Ateneo is a disgrace and I will never let my kid enroll in that school." Oh puhleeeze. That's just one incident. It has nothing to do with the curriculum, the safety, the campus, and the people who were unaware of the bonfire. If we're going to dwell on one incident, then we should all die. Because even the Philippines is a disgraceful country to live in because we burn effigies of the President.

I'm babbling. I'm just typing along as words come out of my mind. Point is, LET IT GO. Without Ateneo and La Salle, the UAAP thrill will not be alive. Without Ateneo and La Salle, there will not even be a huge mass of school spirit. Without those two teams, Araneta won't even be raking in money with the huge amount of sales during games. The phrase "blue vs. green" wouldn't be so thrilling if it weren't for those two teams. I'm happy to be part of this family that celebrates school spirit. But please, for both camps. Don't go overboard.

Enough of this crap. I'm done with the bonfire. This will be the last time I'll talk about this crappy issue. If I will talk about the bonfire, it'll be about the mud and the friends who were with me.


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