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yay dreadhead!

>> Wednesday, September 17, 2008

View the complete Jason Castro tour schedule

You want Jason Castro to have a concert in your city? Go demand it!

Type Manila, Philippines yo peeps! I wanna scream for the dreadhead! Pimp it too on year bloggies peepppssss!


1989,  3:12 AM  

This cannot be!

Creature/s with that kind of physical feature/s(see image above) and all that ish (including all the pacute stuff), is FOREVER BANNED and is NOT allowed to set foot on The Philippine Islands.
Why? Because only talented people (i.e. David Cook) who have FANS and not GROUPIES are allowed to do so.
And because i say so.


yumiskee kulitskee 5:52 AM  

AH SHADDAP!! David's going to the philippines anyway. Give Jason a chance!

Besides, he's not requiring to you go. hahahaha Hmmmm. eto nalang kaya bet natin? Watch Jason in concert!

MUWAHAHAHAHAH *thunder lightning*

1989,  3:25 AM  

Ok il give him a chance to fly.

..oh! ive got an idea for our bet!
this is a good one for sure!:))

We'll be betting if he'll be able to make it here to the Philippines or not!
Meaning (or to bluntly say it), our bet will be "if his plane's going to make it safely here to the Philippines or if it'll crash somewhere, in some unknown island, in the middle of some ocean or sea. where he'll be stuck there for good. without food. without communication. without anything.(whats this..a knockoff of 'Lost' or somethin? hehe)"

yumiskee kulitskee 5:02 PM  


we'll watch Jason's concert ha!


1989,  9:46 PM  

IF he makes it..(alive). haha!
But surely, that'll be a waste of money. It's like flushing your money in the toilet. HAHAHA!

yumiskee kulitskee 10:03 AM  

of course he will make it alive!!

I'm spending for his concert. period!

but i'm not paying for your ticket. hahahahaha

1989,  7:40 PM  

WHAT? you cheapskate you! haha no way!

yumiskee kulitskee 9:04 PM  

why would I even spend a Jason concert ticket for YOU? =))

1989,  8:08 PM  

in the first place, who would even spend for a concert of..
whats his name?!


yumiskee kulitskee 10:21 PM  

I WILL spend for his concert. hahaha


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