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wet cats

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The rains for the past few nights were horrible. Yesterday, I experienced the wrath of the skies, making me look like I took a bath with my clothes on.

I left the office with the skies hinting that sooner or later, it'll rain. My boots clicking on the pavement, I hurried to the MRT. Lightning flashed across the sky, signaling that something bad is coming. I hastened my walking pace.

When the train moved to leave Buendia, the ground was still dry. I was thankful because the train wasn't that crowded and I could shift from one foot to another. I was half regretting on wearing boots because it wasn't raining and I'm not used to wearing high heels. Mind over matter. I reminded myself. If I could do squats in Tai Chi for two minutes (well, that's different. hahaha duh yumi.), then I could condition myself to ease the uncomfortable feeling in my shins.

Then the heavens heard some prayer and prepared my boots for its real use. The rain poured. Crazily. Whenever the doors would open to a new station, rain would spray inside the train. The wind blew. The train became a sanctuary to stay dry and safe from the war of nature raging outside. What would happen to me if my stop would come? Would I be ready to let go of that sanctuary and risk getting wet?

I went down the train at Quezon Avenue. People were crowded beyond the turnstiles. They did not want to brave the rain sprays. They were waiting for the rain to subside. Besides, they would just get wet while waiting for a public transportation.

I don't take the public transportation. Mom and Dad were waiting at McDonald's, which meant I had to start walking. Ok boots, show what you're made of.

Water flowed on the stairs, making it look like a waterfall. A lady took off her shoes and walked barefooted. Moment of truth. I walked with her. But not barefooted, of course. I relied on my boots to keep my feet dry.

I had my feet dry but the rest of me was drenched. I walked to McDonald's to see my waiting outside, umbrella in hand, but equally as drenched as me. Cars were lined up along the street and there was no space left for Dad to park. Dad dropped Mom off to wait for me, while he drove around to look for a place to wait.

If I didn't check my phone while waiting, I wouldn't notice Mom just a few feet away from me. I was trying to keep the rain from drenching my clothes more by keeping the umbrella in front of my face.

We stood in the rain for five minutes until Dad drove by to pick us up. Waiting for five minutes is ok, but waiting in the rain for five minutes is torture.

We got into the van before the rain flushed us away. We kept the aircon at low. Our wet pants formed marks on the seats, as if we peed on them. We wanted to get home quickly so Mom and I could peel off our wet clothes.

My boots did its job. My feet stayed dry.


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