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lefty on a righty

>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a right-handed person. I do almost all things with my right hand.

So does Rafael Nadal.

But Rafa plays tennis with his left hand. He's known to hit balls at incredible high speeds with the use of his left arm. He signs autographs with his right hand, but holds a racket with his left hand.

He's not ambidextrous. I'm not ambidextrous.

His coach tested Rafa's tennis potential by training him with his other arm. Look where it brought him: to the top of the tennis charts. At age 22, Rafa is now the number one tennis player for 2008. (But Federer is still my number 1. ehe)

If Rafa can excel with his left hand, so can I.

I'm challenging my brain to do right-handed stuff with my left. I make it a point to send text messages with my left hand. I use the computer mouse with my left hand. Once in a while, I try to write with my left hand. Never mind the scrawny handwriting, at least it's still legible.

I'm doing this for no particular reason. I just want to make use of my neurons. The neurons that are controlling my left hand might be deteriorating. I only use them for typing or holding stuff if my right hand is full. This time, I'm giving priority to my left hand. Maybe it can produce something worthy like what Rafa's left arm can do. I'm not expecting anything grand like a tennis ace or a Wimbledon trophy. I just want my brain to take on a challenge.

I challenge you to do the same. You might discover incredible talents that your other hand can do. Start by brushing your teeth with your left hand (or right if you're a lefty). Deviate from the hand routines you do. Do something new. :)


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