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josh at emmy's

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

The most unexpected performance turned EPIC WIN.

I was expecting some balladeer performance from the oh-so-great Josh Groban.

He surprised everyone.


- Slow Mo "Baywatch" running
- South Park Cartman!
- "nooo! take me!" X-Files GHAHAHAHAH

I have to watch the replay of this show. Because YAY Pushing Daisies won an award!

Dem. Josh Groban. How I love thee. =))


stepanya 11:55 PM  

ay nako buti pa si josh groban funny! i heard the other hosts sucked. haha.

anyway i'm so proud of pushing daisies!!! they won! at least we don't have to worry if they're coming back for another season diba? hehe eh may award na eh!

yumiskee kulitskee 10:02 AM  

eh kasi naman, pinagsama sama yung mga reality show hosts. di naman comedians yung mga yon eh :))

bitter ako, di nanalo si lee pace saka si kristen. AHAHAHAHAH

malapit na 2nd season! OCTOBER!

go groban!

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