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he should've been given an emmy :P

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At the Yahoo entertainment page for the Emmy's, there's this random poll at one of the pages.

I haven't watched (or downloaded) the whole episode. But I'm sure everyone knows what I picked.

The 30 Rock sweep.


The whole world saw the ADHD and random performance of Josh Groban. I'm still not over it. I even dreamed about some of his facial expressions. Creepy. :)) Gone is the balladeer. Sure, I've seen clips of his goofiness, but not when he's singing. He'd be a goofball in between songs NOT during his songs. So seeing him seriously funny was a first for me.

The video is soooo going to be downloaded into my phone.

Oh, the results? It's a clean sweep!

Go vote for the kulot if you think his performance was the highlight of the show.

IT WAS! :)


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