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>> Friday, September 26, 2008

Wear your colors.
Wear 'em proud.

My color?

I'm a sissy when it comes to watching Ateneo-La Salle games. Since 2002, I have only watched Blue vs Green games twice. Both were in 2002. The first was at home. I was sprawled on the floor, doing my homework. So technically, I wasn't really paying attention. The second was at the finals. Heavens no, I wasn't in Araneta to watch the game. My English blockmates and I camped at the Blue Eagle Gym and watched the game on a large screen. It was equal to watching live minus the Green Archers on the other side of the bleachers.

The rest of my stay in Ateneo up till now, I haven't sat through a game.


I fear for my heart.

My heart pounds thrice as hard. My hands go icy cold.
Nervousness + excitement = freaking out.
So I try my best to find ways to distract me from the game while keeping the school spirit.

Nothing was different this season. I still didn't watch. Ha. ha. ha.

At game two of this year's finals, I watched a movie (Office Space) and an episode of SNL (James Franco rawr). My firefox was opened to an online streaming of the game. Thanks to Ailen, she contributed to my heart burn. Hahha I kept the volume to a low level, just enough to hear the cheers and jeers. I couldn't escape comments from the Ateneans in the office. I had my share of courtside reporters. Martha was texting me updates. Celina was sending me the scores.

I wore blue for the first game. I wore an Ateneo jacket on the second game. That's the best that I could do to support Ateneo. Hahaha

Freddie Webb was asked for a comment on the game. "La Salle was strong tonight. But Ateneo came out stronger."

The Blue team showed their strength not only during the finals, but all throughout the season. Hitting a winning streak (except for that one single humbling loss over FEU) showed the every basketball team that they were ready to take the trophy.

One word perfectly describes the whole season. Oh look, it's a lolcatz term!

That's all for you pplz!

Hoh-hah, 4-0!

People have said that there were foul and unfair calls on the La Salle team. One was the dismissal of Maierhoffer because he supposedly flashed a dirty finger. He contested that it was his point finger and not the middle finger. Casio was also benched at the last quarter. It may have been unfair for the Green Archers, because they lost two star players. They actually had a chance for a game three, because the point different came as close as three points.

Congratulations to the two teams. They both worked hard to make it to the finals. It has been 6 years since the last Ateneo-La Salle finals. UAAP finals wouldn't be so fun and enjoyable if those teams weren't on the court. This is the ultimate rivalry.

See you all the bonfire party people! Be there on Tuesday! Let's just pray it doesn't rain. :P It's a perfect time to stay up late because the next day is a holiday. Celebration!

Congratulations too to Chris Tiu for being an excellent athlete and team captain. It didn't matter for him not to get the MVP award, because all he wanted was for Ateneo to win. And win it, they did. Congratulations to Rabeh for the MVP award. 31 points on the 1st game? You are the man!

One Big Fight! Go Ateneo!

photos courtesy of Aaron R. Vicencio of Fabilioh.


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