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dying changes everything

>> Friday, September 19, 2008

This has to be the saddest House MD Season opener.

"Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything."

The whole episode was devoted to dealing about death. SPOILER ALERT. As you know, Wilson's girlfriend, Amber, died in a bus accident. House was in the same bus, but was spared. This broke Wilson's heart. He then decided to resign from his post. House (maybe out of pride or his love for Wilson) pleads for Wilson to stay.

My heart goes out to Wilson and his mourning.

House's pride and beliefs is rattled by Wilson's resignation. COME BACK WILSON!

But there's this one line from a patient that gave me inspiration. Thirteen (one doctor) and a patient were having a conversation about living your dream while fighting a disease. Thirteen was asking Lou why she's being a slave to her boss if she can do better than that.

Thirteen: We can have anything.
Lou: No we can't. We can aspire to anything, but we don't get it just because we want it. I would rather spend my time close to the birds than waste it wishing I had wings.

We can't have whatever we want to have, but we can hope on it. Hoping for something will bring an unexpected surprise. (duh. a surprise is always unexpected. ahaha redundundundant.) I'll rephrase. Hoping for something will bring something unexpected. Along with that surprise is wisdom. Thirteen learned something from Lou. Lou learned something from Thirteen.

House also learned something from Amber's death. He can't boss Wilson around anymore with his sarcastic remarks. Wilson doesn't blame House for the accident, but he can't pull himself together to consider House as a friend. Wilson couldn't feel the return of the favors he has been doing for House. Amber's death changed Wilson's view on House.

We can't just sit there and wait for death. We can't mourn forever and wish that that person will come back. Death is part of life, and we have to deal with it. We have to do something, we have to work and hope for a purpose.

I want Wilson back.


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