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fly high

>> Friday, September 26, 2008

Wear your colors.
Wear 'em proud.

My color?

I'm a sissy when it comes to watching Ateneo-La Salle games. Since 2002, I have only watched Blue vs Green games twice. Both were in 2002. The first was at home. I was sprawled on the floor, doing my homework. So technically, I wasn't really paying attention. The second was at the finals. Heavens no, I wasn't in Araneta to watch the game. My English blockmates and I camped at the Blue Eagle Gym and watched the game on a large screen. It was equal to watching live minus the Green Archers on the other side of the bleachers.

The rest of my stay in Ateneo up till now, I haven't sat through a game.


I fear for my heart.

My heart pounds thrice as hard. My hands go icy cold.
Nervousness + excitement = freaking out.
So I try my best to find ways to distract me from the game while keeping the school spirit.

Nothing was different this season. I still didn't watch. Ha. ha. ha.

At game two of this year's finals, I watched a movie (Office Space) and an episode of SNL (James Franco rawr). My firefox was opened to an online streaming of the game. Thanks to Ailen, she contributed to my heart burn. Hahha I kept the volume to a low level, just enough to hear the cheers and jeers. I couldn't escape comments from the Ateneans in the office. I had my share of courtside reporters. Martha was texting me updates. Celina was sending me the scores.

I wore blue for the first game. I wore an Ateneo jacket on the second game. That's the best that I could do to support Ateneo. Hahaha

Freddie Webb was asked for a comment on the game. "La Salle was strong tonight. But Ateneo came out stronger."

The Blue team showed their strength not only during the finals, but all throughout the season. Hitting a winning streak (except for that one single humbling loss over FEU) showed the every basketball team that they were ready to take the trophy.

One word perfectly describes the whole season. Oh look, it's a lolcatz term!

That's all for you pplz!

Hoh-hah, 4-0!

People have said that there were foul and unfair calls on the La Salle team. One was the dismissal of Maierhoffer because he supposedly flashed a dirty finger. He contested that it was his point finger and not the middle finger. Casio was also benched at the last quarter. It may have been unfair for the Green Archers, because they lost two star players. They actually had a chance for a game three, because the point different came as close as three points.

Congratulations to the two teams. They both worked hard to make it to the finals. It has been 6 years since the last Ateneo-La Salle finals. UAAP finals wouldn't be so fun and enjoyable if those teams weren't on the court. This is the ultimate rivalry.

See you all the bonfire party people! Be there on Tuesday! Let's just pray it doesn't rain. :P It's a perfect time to stay up late because the next day is a holiday. Celebration!

Congratulations too to Chris Tiu for being an excellent athlete and team captain. It didn't matter for him not to get the MVP award, because all he wanted was for Ateneo to win. And win it, they did. Congratulations to Rabeh for the MVP award. 31 points on the 1st game? You are the man!

One Big Fight! Go Ateneo!

photos courtesy of Aaron R. Vicencio of Fabilioh.


Thou shall point and shoot

>> Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photography has a set of rules. For those who have questions on taking photos in public, photographers are entitled to rights.

Taken from the Flckristasindios group.

The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography

I. Anyone in a public place can take pictures of anything they want. Public places include parks, sidewalks, malls, etc. Malls? Yeah. Even though it’s technically private property, being open to the public makes it public space.

II. If you are on public property, you can take pictures of private property. If a building, for example, is visible from the sidewalk, it’s fair game.

III. If you are on private property and are asked not to take pictures, you are obligated to honor that request. This includes posted signs.

IV. Sensitive government buildings (military bases, nuclear facilities) can prohibit photography if it is deemed a threat to national security.

V. People can be photographed if they are in public (without their consent) unless they have secluded themselves and can expect a reasonable degree of privacy. Kids swimming in a fountain? Okay. Somebody entering their PIN at the ATM? Not okay.

VI. The following can almost always be photographed from public places, despite popular opinion:
- accident & fire scenes, criminal activities
- bridges & other infrastructure, transportation facilities (i.e. airports)
- industrial facilities, Superfund sites
- public utilities, residential & commercial buildings
- children, celebrities, law enforcement officers
- UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Chuck Norris

VII. Although “security” is often given as the reason somebody doesn’t want you to take photos, it’s rarely valid. Taking a photo of a publicly visible subject does not constitute terrorism, nor does it infringe on a company’s trade secrets.

VIII. If you are challenged, you do not have to explain why you are taking pictures, nor to you have to disclose your identity (except in some cases when questioned by a law enforcement officer.)

IX. Private parties have very limited rights to detain you against your will, and can be subject to legal action if they harass you.

X. If someone tries to confiscate your camera and/or film, you don’t have to give it to them. If they take it by force or threaten you, they can be liable for things like theft and coercion. Even law enforcement officers need a court order.

What To Do If You’re Confronted

1. Be respectful and polite. Use good judgment and don’t escalate the situation.

2. If the person becomes combative or difficult, think about calling the police.

3. Threats, detention, and taking your camera are all grounds for legal or civil actions on your part. Be sure to get the person’s name, employer, and what legal grounds they claim for their actions.

4. If you don’t want to involve the authorities, go above the person’s head to their supervisor or their company’s public relations department.

5. Call your local TV and radio stations and see if they want to do a story about your civil liberties.

6. Put the story on the web yourself if need be.

I also discovered a very cool technique while photographing fireworks. Adjusting the focus while having a long shutter speed can result in interesting photos.

Technique taken from the fireworks thread at Flickr.

Check out these wonderful photos. Note, I didn't take them. :)

1. By Hirobamboo

2. By Allyeska

3. By protocolxwf


he should've been given an emmy :P

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At the Yahoo entertainment page for the Emmy's, there's this random poll at one of the pages.

I haven't watched (or downloaded) the whole episode. But I'm sure everyone knows what I picked.

The 30 Rock sweep.


The whole world saw the ADHD and random performance of Josh Groban. I'm still not over it. I even dreamed about some of his facial expressions. Creepy. :)) Gone is the balladeer. Sure, I've seen clips of his goofiness, but not when he's singing. He'd be a goofball in between songs NOT during his songs. So seeing him seriously funny was a first for me.

The video is soooo going to be downloaded into my phone.

Oh, the results? It's a clean sweep!

Go vote for the kulot if you think his performance was the highlight of the show.

IT WAS! :)


josh at emmy's

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

The most unexpected performance turned EPIC WIN.

I was expecting some balladeer performance from the oh-so-great Josh Groban.

He surprised everyone.


- Slow Mo "Baywatch" running
- South Park Cartman!
- "nooo! take me!" X-Files GHAHAHAHAH

I have to watch the replay of this show. Because YAY Pushing Daisies won an award!

Dem. Josh Groban. How I love thee. =))


stealing is bad

"Did you steal my sandwich?"

Gimelstob - Federer from Matt Guerra on Vimeo.

Fed is always right to a challenge. :D


dying changes everything

>> Friday, September 19, 2008

This has to be the saddest House MD Season opener.

"Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything."

The whole episode was devoted to dealing about death. SPOILER ALERT. As you know, Wilson's girlfriend, Amber, died in a bus accident. House was in the same bus, but was spared. This broke Wilson's heart. He then decided to resign from his post. House (maybe out of pride or his love for Wilson) pleads for Wilson to stay.

My heart goes out to Wilson and his mourning.

House's pride and beliefs is rattled by Wilson's resignation. COME BACK WILSON!

But there's this one line from a patient that gave me inspiration. Thirteen (one doctor) and a patient were having a conversation about living your dream while fighting a disease. Thirteen was asking Lou why she's being a slave to her boss if she can do better than that.

Thirteen: We can have anything.
Lou: No we can't. We can aspire to anything, but we don't get it just because we want it. I would rather spend my time close to the birds than waste it wishing I had wings.

We can't have whatever we want to have, but we can hope on it. Hoping for something will bring an unexpected surprise. (duh. a surprise is always unexpected. ahaha redundundundant.) I'll rephrase. Hoping for something will bring something unexpected. Along with that surprise is wisdom. Thirteen learned something from Lou. Lou learned something from Thirteen.

House also learned something from Amber's death. He can't boss Wilson around anymore with his sarcastic remarks. Wilson doesn't blame House for the accident, but he can't pull himself together to consider House as a friend. Wilson couldn't feel the return of the favors he has been doing for House. Amber's death changed Wilson's view on House.

We can't just sit there and wait for death. We can't mourn forever and wish that that person will come back. Death is part of life, and we have to deal with it. We have to do something, we have to work and hope for a purpose.

I want Wilson back.


yay dreadhead!

>> Wednesday, September 17, 2008

View the complete Jason Castro tour schedule

You want Jason Castro to have a concert in your city? Go demand it!

Type Manila, Philippines yo peeps! I wanna scream for the dreadhead! Pimp it too on year bloggies peepppssss!


lefty on a righty

>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a right-handed person. I do almost all things with my right hand.

So does Rafael Nadal.

But Rafa plays tennis with his left hand. He's known to hit balls at incredible high speeds with the use of his left arm. He signs autographs with his right hand, but holds a racket with his left hand.

He's not ambidextrous. I'm not ambidextrous.

His coach tested Rafa's tennis potential by training him with his other arm. Look where it brought him: to the top of the tennis charts. At age 22, Rafa is now the number one tennis player for 2008. (But Federer is still my number 1. ehe)

If Rafa can excel with his left hand, so can I.

I'm challenging my brain to do right-handed stuff with my left. I make it a point to send text messages with my left hand. I use the computer mouse with my left hand. Once in a while, I try to write with my left hand. Never mind the scrawny handwriting, at least it's still legible.

I'm doing this for no particular reason. I just want to make use of my neurons. The neurons that are controlling my left hand might be deteriorating. I only use them for typing or holding stuff if my right hand is full. This time, I'm giving priority to my left hand. Maybe it can produce something worthy like what Rafa's left arm can do. I'm not expecting anything grand like a tennis ace or a Wimbledon trophy. I just want my brain to take on a challenge.

I challenge you to do the same. You might discover incredible talents that your other hand can do. Start by brushing your teeth with your left hand (or right if you're a lefty). Deviate from the hand routines you do. Do something new. :)



>> Monday, September 15, 2008

I discovered that using the manual mode on my lens is hellotta way cooler than using the autofocus mode. I don't need to wait for my camera to focus, or get annoyed because the autofocus is stubborn. :P I can manually place the settings and focus on the stuff I want to photograph.

So with the new information I have (thanks to the Nikon book I bought at the Book Fair), I went to our garden forest to practice. :P I chanced upon a colony of ants who were out celebrating. Three of them brought home a black ant for dinner. Boy, they were hungry. They didn't even wait for the casualty to reach their home. They devoured the poor thing right there.

In front of my eyes.
Perfect venue for photographs.

I squatted on the concrete and went close. I wasn't comfortable enough so I went down on my knees.

Never mind if the concrete scraped my knees.
Never mind if my elbows were getting dirty.
All I wanted was to get close shots of the ants.

The ants were oblivious of the lens watching them. They were too busy squabbling over the black ant's juices and they left me in peace.

A victorious battle. A prize to take home: dinner.


There was a welcoming party for the heroes of the ant war. Yesterday was a celebration. A feast laid out for the ant colony.

I followed the trail and saw an ant home. It was the most amazing thing that I have seen. I know that ants make their homes underground, with an ant hill visible to mark their territory. But it was the first time I've seen an ant home in a tree. Made from leaves.

ant cocoon

The ants were able to produce some white stuff that they used to glue together the leaves. It formed a large cocoon. I'm sure that's sturdy enough to withstand storms and strong winds. Move over butterflies, ants can make cocoons too!

I got reasonably close to get good shots. I wanted to go nearer to see what was inside, but if I did, I might disturb me. I don't want to die just because of ant bites. Harharhar. I guess I should've used our ladder for top shots.

peep through

Even if I was surrounded by leaves and ants were scrambling everywhere, they didn't bother me. The secret to being at peace with them is that don't ever provoke them. They act on instinct. Bother them, they bite you. Don't bother them, they won't see you as a threat.

It was a wonderful experience to be with insects. It was amazing to see them upclose. Isn't God great to create such creatures? Ants are the perfect example for teamwork.

They work hard, day and night, not complaining on the monotonous cycle of their lives.
They show dedication to their roles.
They follow rules of their community.
They protect their own kind.
They share.

And the best part of it all,

They're small, but when they bite, it leaves a lasting mark on you. A memorable one.

The rest of the photos are in my flickr.


you are a josh fan if...

>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

I got this from another Josh fan.

  1. You give "Grobie hugs" in excess.
  2. You insist that "coinky-dink" is a real word.
  3. You hear another version of "You Raise Me Up" and the first thing that comes into your head is "You are SO not Josh. What the heck are you doing singing his song??"(HHAHAHAHAHAHA I do this.)
  4. You meet people who were born in 1985 and you tell them "You're Chris' age!" and the person asks you if Chris is your brother.
  5. You proceed to tell this person everything there is to know about Josh, because you assume that if he or she doesn't know about Chris, then he or she isn't going to know about Josh, either. (oh hell yeah)
  6. You've converted or have try to converte people you know/don't know to Grobanisum. (Chikai. Martha. hahaha)
  7. Your mission in life is to spread the Josh. (LALALALALALALALAL)
  8. You hold llamas in the highest regard...even higher than your own pet.
  9. You hoard pixy sticks like they're no longer in distribution--and devour them like there's no tomorrow. (I can has pixie steeeks!)
  10. You can't say "adorable" anymore. It's "adorkable". (ZOMG I LOVE HIM WITH HIS DORKY GLASSES)
  11. You've done everything within your power to wear glasses like Josh--despite your 20/20 vision. (When I changed my frames, I wanted to have frames like his rectangular glasses)
  12. You have glasses like Josh's. Same frame and everything. Thank God your eyes suck! (oh hell yeah. different color nga lang.)
  13. You try to enroll in Italian, Spanish and French classes in school when you're normally only allowed to learn one at a time. (ITALIAN BABY. real reason is that I wanted to learn the meaning of "The Prayer" ahahahaha)
  14. You want to kill Usher and/or every Junior High girl who voted for him at the People's Choice Awards. (hahaha sobra naman)
  15. You spend half of your time on eBay looking for all the Limited Edition stuff that you can't find in stores. (I don't buy on eBay)
  16. You wear a pinstriped blazer over a tshirt with jeans and converse shoes, as to be in Josh style. (or the black turtleneck!)
  17. Anytime you see a celebrity (on tv) that was ever photographed with Josh you have to tell whoever is with you that Josh knows them. (HAHAHAHAHA yeah. I posted a picture before of him with Matt Dallas, Kyle XY)
  18. You have a Josh "shrine" somewhere in your house. (Sa office=)) I have a picture of him on my corkboard)
  19. You have been threatened to lose your job because of Josh. (di naman. hahaha)
  20. You go into dreamy fits when you hear "Mi Morena" cuz you are "morena". (Oh i'm definitely morena =)) )
  21. You type OMJ by accident. (I use that!)
  22. You spend too much time on the JG board. (Ay i'm not part of this because.. see next number)
  23. You're in FOJG. (oh hell no.. there's too much drama in that boards)
  24. You own a black turtle neck and smile when you put it on. (OH YES.)
  25. You curl your hair for fun. (Boinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg)
  26. Whenever you're in the same city as him, you run throughout the streets yelling his name in hopes he will hear you and come find you! (USA is too far. :(((((( )
  27. Everytime you hear the name "Josh" you look everywhere trying to look for Josh Groban. (GAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA)
  28. When someone says "Josh" you answer "Where?!?" ("Josh who??? WHERE?")
  29. You seem to always find a way to include Josh in your conversations. (AH YES. =)) )
  30. Over 10 gig of your computer's hard drive contains Josh media, movies, and photos. (more than 10 gig baby. =)) )
  31. Whenever someone asks you what you're listening to, you just say "Josh" and they roll their eyes. (exactly. hahahaha)
  32. You desperately try to convert your close friends to grobanite-hood. (oh haiii friends. =)) )
  33. You make up Josh related words like "grobanite-hood". (Joshify em unjoshifiers!)
  34. You spend hundreds of dollars to amass all the versions of Josh's cds, dvds, posters, and other Josh-fan-alia. (*whistles*)
  35. You dream of Josh. (oh my. *giggles* GAHAHAHA)
  36. When people say January, you think of Jones. (yeah. hahaha kahit sobrang tagal na nila nagbreak)
  37. You know all the words to all Josh's songs, including foreign languages you don't speak. (most of them. haha but I know how they are sung. Intro palang.. "JOSH SONG YAN!")
  38. You know the translations to all of Josh's songs, including foreign languages you don't speak. (I have em translations and printed them. hahaha)
  39. You know when and where Josh was born, his childhood dreams, career milestones, tour dates, and other useless info, and understand every Grobie inside joke ever. (thank you youtube. hahahahaah I still love his peanut joke)
  40. When a form asks for your occupation, you are tempted to put "Grobanite." (ACTUALLY...)
  41. Thud is one of the most common verbs in your vocabulary. (thud, thudz, and. sdfhw3uhomj)
  42. When someone says the name "Josh" you think Josh Groban and get a craving for his music. (ehem ehem)
  43. You use Josh quotes in everyday life, such as "You're gonna learn somethin', boy", and laugh hysterically while everyone around you stares suspiciously.
  44. You get excited when you hear Josh on the radio, despite the fact that you listen to his CDs every single day. (I GET ALL GIDDY.)
  45. You all of a sudden have a great urge to take up drawing again to draw pictures of Josh, because he's so gorgeous. (doodling is ok! it's easy. just draw curls over a circle. hahaha)
  46. You know all the words to Josh's songs and even the words to the words to the extras on his concert DVDs. (ooops. :)) )
  47. Despite having all of Josh's albums, you go to visit them just to see where they are when you're in the music store for a Josh fix, but also wonder why they aren't all sold out already. (TRUE. OH TRUE.)
  48. One of Josh Groban's song is destined to be your wedding song. (HAHAHAHA yes. omjeeezers)
  49. Or better yet, you dream of marrying Josh so he can sing that song to you on your wedding day. (GLEEEEEEEEEEEE I can die happily if Josh marries me. DREAM ON!)
  50. You say "You will be raised up" by Josh's music when you hand out CDs to people you want to convert to "grobanite-hood." (actually. "it's now or never" =)) )
  51. After days and days of raining and the sun finally comes out, you go up to your non-Grobie friends and ask them "Hey, remember when it rained?" and you walk away laughing because they were waiting for you to talk about when it rained! (omg. i must try this)
  52. You convince yourself you're going to meet Josh and marry him. (Trishy and I have been doing this for months now. hahaha)
  53. You yearn for Josh and his music during the school/work day and can't focus on work. (I have him on loop.)
  54. Your friends tell you that you need counseling for your obsession with Josh. (di pa naman nangyayari yan.. yata. hahaha)
  55. You tell your parents that you have a big fat crush on Josh. And they say...what Josh thing do you want NOW?! (oh they know what Josh thing I want. hahahaha)
  56. You've talked to a guy who looked like Josh for a long time just because he reminded you of him. (wala pa. EFFFT)
  57. You think of Grobania as an actual place that should be made to encompass the earth.
  58. Your computer crashed because you had too much Josh in one folder. (oh goodness no)
  59. Your friends walk away when you mention Josh's name (like hearing you talk about a bad crush or something).
  60. Your "Josh pics" folder on your computer is WAY bigger than your any of your other folders. (yes. bigger than my office files. hahahaha)
  61. You think any song would be sung better by Josh.
  62. You've had a little Q&A session to learn weird things about your friends and when you start asking questions about celebrities/singers they don't even bother asking you who your answers would be.
  63. If at any point in time at any place you happen to hear even two seconds of one of Josh's songs you immediately start squealing and exclaiming, "THAT'S JOSH!!" (ALALALALALALALALAL guilty as charged)
  64. You haven't not listened to at least 1 song from Josh per day for the last three months. (hhahahahaha sobra naman :)) Well. teka. ay oo nga ano. =)) )
  65. You read and/or write fanfiction whether you actually use Josh's personality or not is regardless as long as it contains his name and looks. (hindi ah. haha I don't write fan fics)
  66. You have more then one Grobie sister. (yeahuh!)
  67. You set up every tv show on your Tvio to automatically record any thing that Josh has to do with. (I rely on the other fans for that haha)
  68. Your ipod/mp3 player consists mostly of Josh music. (and a separate playlist for it too! hahaha)
  69. You have Josh Groban ring tones for your cell phone. (call me so I can hear Josh sing! hahaha)
  70. Your current wallpaper is Josh. (yes. Phone and desktop wallpaper. hahahahaha)
  71. You have met Josh. (UNFORTUNATELY, NOT YET. :(((((( )
  72. You want to visit LA to go around town to see if you can find him. (Oh yes plz.)
  73. You live in LA and have tried to do that at least once. (no. I don't live in LA)
  74. At least 90% of the stuff is true about you. (GHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm laughing now)


new office rules

>> Saturday, September 13, 2008



Dress Code:

1) You are advised to come to work dressed according to your salary.
2) If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise.
3) If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a raise.
4) If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a raise.

Sick Days:
We will no longer accept a doctor's statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work.

Personal Days:
Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year. They are called Saturdays & Sundays.

Bereavement Leave:
This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral arrangements in your place. In rare cases where employee involvement is necessary, the funeral should be scheduled in the late afternoon. We will be glad to allow you to work through your lunch hour and subsequently leave one hour early.

Bathroom Breaks:
Entirely too much time is being spent in the toilet. There is now a strict three-minute time limit in the stalls. At the end of three minutes, an alarm will sound, the toilet paper roll will retract, the stall door will open, and a picture will be taken. After your second offense, your picture will be posted on the company bulletin board under the 'Chronic Offenders' category. Anyone caught smiling in the picture will be sectioned under the company's mental health policy.

Lunch Break:

* Skinny people get 30 minutes for lunch, as they need to eat more, so that they can look healthy.
* Normal size people get 15 minutes for lunch to get a balanced meal to maintain their average figure.
* Chubby people get 5 minutes for lunch, because that's all the time needed to drink a Slim-Fast.

Thank you for your loyalty to our company. We are here to provide a positive employment experience. Therefore, all questions, comments, concerns, complaints, frustrations, irritations, aggravations, insinuations, allegations, accusations, contemplations, consternation and input should be directed elsewhere.

The Management


Thanks to Jace for sending me this. :)



>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

Click for a larger view

Galileo Bel Air is now open!
We are now accepting enrollees for our Bel-Air center!

3/f Goodwill Corporate Center
Jupiter Street, Makati City

Center Hours:
Monday to Saturday
8am to 5 pm

For inquiries, call 898.1234 or visit www.galileoenrichment.com for more details.


wet cats

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The rains for the past few nights were horrible. Yesterday, I experienced the wrath of the skies, making me look like I took a bath with my clothes on.

I left the office with the skies hinting that sooner or later, it'll rain. My boots clicking on the pavement, I hurried to the MRT. Lightning flashed across the sky, signaling that something bad is coming. I hastened my walking pace.

When the train moved to leave Buendia, the ground was still dry. I was thankful because the train wasn't that crowded and I could shift from one foot to another. I was half regretting on wearing boots because it wasn't raining and I'm not used to wearing high heels. Mind over matter. I reminded myself. If I could do squats in Tai Chi for two minutes (well, that's different. hahaha duh yumi.), then I could condition myself to ease the uncomfortable feeling in my shins.

Then the heavens heard some prayer and prepared my boots for its real use. The rain poured. Crazily. Whenever the doors would open to a new station, rain would spray inside the train. The wind blew. The train became a sanctuary to stay dry and safe from the war of nature raging outside. What would happen to me if my stop would come? Would I be ready to let go of that sanctuary and risk getting wet?

I went down the train at Quezon Avenue. People were crowded beyond the turnstiles. They did not want to brave the rain sprays. They were waiting for the rain to subside. Besides, they would just get wet while waiting for a public transportation.

I don't take the public transportation. Mom and Dad were waiting at McDonald's, which meant I had to start walking. Ok boots, show what you're made of.

Water flowed on the stairs, making it look like a waterfall. A lady took off her shoes and walked barefooted. Moment of truth. I walked with her. But not barefooted, of course. I relied on my boots to keep my feet dry.

I had my feet dry but the rest of me was drenched. I walked to McDonald's to see my waiting outside, umbrella in hand, but equally as drenched as me. Cars were lined up along the street and there was no space left for Dad to park. Dad dropped Mom off to wait for me, while he drove around to look for a place to wait.

If I didn't check my phone while waiting, I wouldn't notice Mom just a few feet away from me. I was trying to keep the rain from drenching my clothes more by keeping the umbrella in front of my face.

We stood in the rain for five minutes until Dad drove by to pick us up. Waiting for five minutes is ok, but waiting in the rain for five minutes is torture.

We got into the van before the rain flushed us away. We kept the aircon at low. Our wet pants formed marks on the seats, as if we peed on them. We wanted to get home quickly so Mom and I could peel off our wet clothes.

My boots did its job. My feet stayed dry.



>> Tuesday, September 09, 2008


*jumps around and flails*


Today is a good day, despite my baon dripping all over the mrt floor (ehehewwww).

5th straight US OPEN grand slam baby!!!!

Photo by Rob Loud from usopen.org

Three straight sets! 6-2, 7-5, 6-2! Oh sweet victory!

I'll just watch the replay (if ever studio 23 shows a replay during the weekends) because I don't have lovely cable! hahaha Besides, the game was at 5 am and I would still be dreaming of the game at that time.

Congratulations Feddy Bear! You're still the FedEx of the US Open! Federer still has the spunk and class of the tennis court. He had a bad start, but looks like he's going to have a sweet sweep at the end of the year! GO FEDDY!

"I had a couple of tough Grand Slams this year ... so to take this one home is incredible," Federer said. "It means the world to me."

You winning the US Open grand slam also means the world to us! All of us Feddy fans!

*goes out celebrating*

Btw, my tita is off to Spain for a vacation. Ohhh please please please bring me home a Rafa jacket! :)) (as if she reads my blog. tsss)


blab and a crush

>> Monday, September 08, 2008

Nasisira talaga araw ko pag nagmemessage ka sakin. Parang magic, isang kita ko palang sa pangalan mo, gumugunaw na mundo ko. Ganon ang effect. Matindi. Parang ang sarap magwish na magunaw na ang mundo para di ko na kelangan magreply.

David Archuleta's video is now out! asdfohsafidhsfodiuhspuhwheeeeeeeeeee! It's so cute. David is so cute, the summer house is so cute. CUTE CUTE CUTE!

But there's one funny part. David plays the piano. But he doesn't know how to play the guitar. So when he starts strumming the guitar, his other hand at the neck is not even on the right chords.



music defines your personality

>> Saturday, September 06, 2008

I got this from yahoo news. This stuff is interesting! Stuff in italics are mine.

LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Fans of classical music and jazz are creative, pop lovers are hardworking and, despite the stereotypes, heavy metal listeners are gentle, creative types who are at ease with themselves.

(I can be a witness to the heavy metal listeners. I know a lot of people who listen or are part of heavy metal bands. When you talk to them, or spend time with them, they will never give an impression that they're heavy metal rockers. Most rockers I know are even educated and hell way smarter than me.)

So says Professor Adrian North of Scotland's Heriot-Watt University who has been studying the links between people's personalities and their choice of music.

"People often define their sense of identity through their musical taste, wearing particular clothes, going to certain pubs, and using certain types of slang," North said.

"It's not surprising that personality should also be related to musical preference."

In what North said was the largest study ever conducted into individuals' musical preference and character, researchers asked 36,518 people from around the world to rate how much they liked 104 different musical styles before taking a personality test.

"Researchers have been showing for decades that fans of rock and rap are rebellious, and that fans of opera are wealthy and well-educated," North said.

"But this is the first time that research has shown that personality links to liking for a wide range of musical styles."

The study concluded that jazz and classical music fans are creative with good self-esteem, although the former are much more outgoing whereas the latter are shy.

(I like both genres. So I'm outgoing and shy? hahaha But I'm more of a classical person, especially when I need to concentrate. Jazz is an alternative or a break to the calmness and if I need some spunk to my mood. I guess in general, I'm shy. but when I warm up, I can be outgoing.)

Country and western fans were found to be hardworking and shy; rap fans are outgoing and indie lovers lack self-esteem and are not very gentle.

(I enjoy listening to country music. I even have all albums of Billy Gilman, a young country singer. During the American Idol, one of my favorite nights was the Country Night with Dolly Parton.)

Those who like soul music can take heart as the research concluded they are creative, outgoing, gentle, at ease with themselves and have a high self-esteem.

And if you've ever wondered why people driving expensive sports cars often have music blaring from their vehicle, North could have an explanation.

Those who choose to listen to exciting, punchy music are more likely to be in a higher earning bracket, he says, while those who go for relaxing sounds tend to be lower down the pay scale.

(HAHAHAHA omg this is true. My friend Jace and I have been joking that we're overworked and underpaid. We do love our work, but our salary is not enough to fund the lifestyle that we want, which is to watch plays and buy books)

North is still looking for volunteers to take part in the research. Details on http://www.peopleintomusic.com/

(Reporting by Michael Holden; Editing by Steve Addison)


Invitation to a Learning Experience

>> Monday, September 01, 2008

(Click image for bigger view)

The Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is inviting you to the opening of our Bel-Air center.

When: September 6, 2008
Where: 3/f Goodwill Corporate Center

Jupiter Street, Makati City (Right across Starbucks Coffee)
What time: Mass starts at 8am

Wonderful activities await you and your children!

8 am - Eucharistic Celebration
9 am - Ribbon Cutting
9.15 - Dedication Ceremony
9.30 - Culminating Ceremony
10 - Refreshments
10.30 - Astrnomically Fun Event

It's for free! Confirm your attendance to T. Luisa by calling 895.8095 or 890.2509. Freebies and exciting treats for on-site enrollees.

See you there!


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