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terra cotta tennis

>> Saturday, August 30, 2008

You may have been wondering, it's already the 6th day of the US Open and I haven't blogged about anything tennis-related.

Actually I have. It's just in the matter of finding which blog I'm doing the Chronicles of teh US Open.

The men's singles tournament is still on a high note for me; all the top seeders are still in the draw. But for the womens, there's one player down. Actually two. Lindsay Davenport and top seeder Ana Ivanovic have been eliminated by non-seeders. Ivanovic's game is more ego-shattering because the lady who defeated her is at the 188 spot. Ah well, there's still the Williams sisters, Safin and Jankovic. I was surprised to see Sharapova missing in action. I wonder why she dropped out of the tournament.

Anyway, I won't talk about the games for now. I'll get excited when the quarter finals are up. I want Federer to win! GO FEDDY BEAR!

For the past two weeks, my office computer's wallpaper is a mascot from the Beijing Olympics. The website provides very cute layouts, so I grabbed one and placed it on my computer. But now that the Olympics is over and we're back to tennis addiction, I decided to search the internet for photos that I can include in my new wallpaper.

Originally, I wanted a Federer wallpaper. I temporarily used a Federer-Nike one, which I grabbed from a random search at Google. Theeeeen. I saw high res photos of the top seeders with their terra cotta counterparts.

Last year, the ATP Shanghai spiced things up by creating terra cotta likes of tennis players. It was on display in the duration of the tournament and a few weeks after the games. Federer's photo beside it is so cute. I think I posted it before. He looks so amused at seeing himself as a statue.

So I took the hi res photos and made myself a wallpaper. I do hope I got the names correctly. I only know Gonzales, Federer (of course), Nadal (duh), Djokovic (oh bb), Andy Muray, and Davydenko. I'm not sure if those are really Berdych and Baghdatis. Please tell me if I made a mistake. :P hehehehe I'll consider it my tennis education. I had a feeling I made a mistake. I searched for it online and I got my answers. It's Ferrer and Gasquet. Now I know.

Click for bigger view

Photos by Quentin Shih from the ATP Shanghai website.


GO FEDERER! Rock on!


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