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the swimmer's diet

>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I saw this on Vittorio's blog.

This is the diet of an Olympic swimmer:

When my friend Marga and I saw this, we only had one conclusion.


If Michael Phelps can consume 12,000 calories a day and still have that great body, then we are all starving ourselves with salad and a measly amount of rice per meal.

I remember Drew Barrymore saying in an interview before that exercise helps her eat all the carbs she wants. It was her secret to getting a slim body. She'd exercise like crazy and eat pasta like crazy.

I noticed that in order to get a healthy-looking body, one must exercise. Exercise is always the key. You'd really lose weight if you don't eat, but you're not healthy. Your body would look like skin attached to the bones. Muscle provides the lean structure. It's the cushion between your bones and your skin. Have some muscle, eat something for heaven's sake.

Follow Michael Phelps' example. Eat everything. Burn it all by exercising. Food was made for the body's intake. Don't worry about the fat and calories. Eat then exercise. Find a sport that will suit you.

But I recommend swimming. It tones every part of your body.

I'd love to try Phelps' diet, but I can't devour the same amount of food. My stomach can't have 6 slices of pizza. Oh camon, the height difference is huuuuge. He's 6'3", i'm only 5' flat. I can try to eat half of what of what he eats, as long as I do his training routine of 5 hours in the pool and 3 hours in the gym. Every. Single. Day.

It all boils down to discipline. You can eat all you want, as long as you work hard to burn em all.


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