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>> Friday, August 22, 2008


With the hype of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, I gave in to the bandwagon. Romance/fantasy books are not really my type, but I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I borrowed from my boss, Ann, who bought the four books plus The Host.

The Host is not related to the Twilight series, but you could see the similarity of the characters to the Twilight characters. Melanie/Wanda is like Bella, while there are two other guys: Ian and Jared. I do like the gist of the story. The Host is about a soul from another planet being inserted in a host body, a human. Usually, the personality or being of the host body is shut out from its own body, and the soul takes over. However for the case of Wanderer (the soul), she finds that her host has a mind of its own. Melanie (the body) is strong enough to influence the decisions of Wanderer/Wanda.

In simpler terms, it's actually two people with two minds in one body. Kinda bipolar, but both make sense.

Wanda falls in love with Ian, but Melanie loves Jared. There's the first conflict.

I like the decision-making at the end of the book. Melanie has grown fond of Wanda being inside her, and their state has saved the rest of the humans who haven't been captured by the aliens to be host bodies. So when the decision came to split them, Melanie hesitates. At one end, it would be great because Wanda would be free to love Ian and Melanie to be with Jared. At the other end, it was too risky to separate them because it might kill the other. Besides, Wanda did not want to invade another host body.

Back to the Twilight Series. The characters of The Host are similar to Twilight. If you have read the series, you'll probably relate. If not, I wanred you. There may have spoilers to it.

We know that there are two guys: Edward the Vampire and Jacob the Warewolf. They both love a human, Bella. Bella loves both guys, but to different extents. I clearly remember a line when Bella was contemplating on her feelings for both guys. There's a Bella for Edward and a Bella for Jacob.

See the similarities now with The Host? One girl, two boys.

On to Breaking Dawn, because the story is still fresh in my mind. I'll give the book a 6/10. I found the first part unnecessary when Bella and Edward had toooooo (and I mean too many) much sex. Stephenie should've anticipated that the book had an appeal to the teens. I skipped all the sex parts. And I mean in earth years, they're friggin' 18 years old. I know they're married, but still. 18.

The best part of the book is the 2nd part, where the story was narrated in Jacob's point of view. He's the hero for me, not Edward, not Bella. You'll sense his sacrifice because he loves Bella, even if she did not choose him.

The ending was bleh. I feel that the ending was rushed. The sex should've been lessened at the start of the book and action scenes were added at the end. Just like how Twilight happened. Among the four books, I give the highest score to Twilight. Everything was done in a balanced sequence. Nothing was rushed and the conflict build up had a smooth flow.


I allowed myself to be a canvas for my friend, Cerz. She's building a portfolio of mer make-up creations. I was game with it, even if I'm not a model. She needs the practice and I was a willing guinea pig.

Last Monday, Cerz, Jace, Jihan and RJ went to my house to do a shoot. It was weird posing. It was like having a monologue skit for an audience of four. I kept on telling Cerz, "kausapin mo ako, nacconscious ako." haahahha

Cerz did a good job of hiding my pimples with a blob of foundation and concealer. The pimples were the fault of staying up late to watch tennis. I had to photoshop some bumps that were visible. ehehehe. Promise, in preparation for the next shoot, I'll sleep early and drink lots of water.

Jihan posted her set of photos at her multiply. I'll post two of my favorites.

I see you!

ay ang drama.


Today is a lazy day. I want to stay home and do nothing.


One man standing. Our taekwondo bets lost at the first round. Rexel Ryan Fabriga is the only athlete left. He'll be competing at the men's 10m preliminary round of diving. 30 divers will be diving tonight. Rexel must make it to the top 18 to be able to move to the semifinals. Then out of the 18, he must make it to the 11th cut to be able to compete for the gold.

Go Philippines parin!


Cielo 1:24 AM  

kaganda naman ng sister ko dito :)

yumiskee kulitskee 1:06 PM  

ay salamat cielo. haha nahiya naman ako don. ehehehe

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