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Wardrobe Crisis

>> Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mom and I raided my closet to sort my clothes. I took out pairs of pants that are too small for me, or too outdated (high waist and long zippers oh camooon I still kept those? haha). I piled up shirts that when worn, they went above my waist. I didn't want to give them away because they were still in good condition.

Mom has this special way of washing clothes. My shirts from waaay back in grade school are still wearable. They don't look like I've had them for years. I still wear a shirt that I got when I was in grade 4. It was a long shirt back then, but now, it's just the right size. The color is still stark red. Simple shirts do not go out of style. That's why I keep them. (By the way, I didn't throw that red shirt. :P ) The secret to Mom's laundry? Never dry them under direct sunlight.

Oh yeah, we don't use fabric conditioner nor iron clothes. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I found out that I had a lot of skirts. I know I have a lot of tops and bottoms. The problem is that I don't know how to mix and match. My philosophy is a shirt, pants, rubber shoes and I'm ok. I'm not your typical lady who'd spend hours raiding the closet for clothes that will compliment each other. I do spend minutes staring at my closet, only because I've wore the usual shirts. I don't mind the other tops that can be put together with this cardigan, or the undershirt that can be used as an accessory.

So Mom, being the super mom of all my life, helped me plan one week of dressing up. I'm on my own on the next week, and so I'm doomed.

Hey, I'm proud to say that I know the basics. Polka dots do not go with stripes. Hell no, I don't have polka dots. Neon green is a pain in the eyes and definitely not a perfect combination with orange pants. I'm aware of the big no-nos in eccentricities. To be safe, I go for simple. White with khaki. Black printed skirt and white top or black. Jeans, basically anything.

The only thing I know what to match are shoes. Red shoes can go with black tops, white tops or any shade of pink. Black goes with anything. Pointed for added attitude. But no no pointed for a spongebob shirt.

Casual, I can do. But office wear and party wear (Uh yeah, I don't party. haha but you hopefully get what I mean), I'm totally clueless on those artistic matches. With my sense of fashion, I'd be on the other side of Gossip Girl town.

So let's see what will happen with my clothes and my deciding talent. Oh heaven of fashion, why is it so hard to be a girl and be presentable? hahaha


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