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to Mordor! In song!

>> Thursday, July 17, 2008

J.R.R. Tolkien created Middle Earth, a land of magical creatures, elven folk, and adorable hobbits. He wrote about lands that is inhabited by dwarfs, orcs, ents. A ring was forged by the Lord Sauron and a journey to destroy it became one of the greatest and most famous literary work in history.

The movie by Peter Jackson inspired playwrights to have a stage version of the epic tale of Frodo Baggins, the ringbearer.

Fly with me to West End to see the musical version of Lord of the Rings.

The West End version is better and more coherent than the Toronto run. The West End production widened its stage to the audience area. At the part where Gandalf falls into the pit of Balrog, a gust of wind blows into the audience's faces. They brought the audience with them, into the dark caves of Moria.

When the Orcs arrive to haunt down the fellowship, the actors enter from the main doors. They run down the aisles, occasionally scaring the people within their reach.

But oh boo, my wish on seeing it live on stage will never happen. The run ended this July. There is a petition for a DVD release for those who will not have the chance to see it. *points to self* over heeere!

There are a few good souls who were able to record an audio. So it's like having an audio book of the stage. You're just left with your imagination as the dialogue and songs happen. I was also able to get the official soundtrack of the London recording. I have three favorite songs: The Road Goes On, Lothlorien and Now and For Always.

Where it leads
No-one ever knows
Don't look back
Follow where it goes.
Far beyond the Sun
Take the Road
Wherever it runs.

- The Road Goes On (link)

Although storms may descend,
Mountain and valley may quake.
For the days that remain,
This is the promise I make.
No shadow fall across this land,
Before the wind and fire I stand,
And you my child will know no harm,
Enfolded in my arms,

- Lothlórien (link)

Sit by the firelight's glow
Tell us an old tale we know
Tell of adventures strange and rare
Never to change
Ever to share
Stories we tell will cast their spell

- Now and for always (link The video is from the Toronto show.)

I was watching through clips from the website, and the part "The Cracks of Doom," left me breathless. This is the part where Gollum manages to grab hold of the ring from Frodo, and in the process falls into the fires of Mordor.

When Gollum disappeared into the hole, I was telling myself that they should show a slow motion of Gollum falling. And show they did. It was done by two actors, one falling into the hole, and one falling from the top of the stage. Amaaaaazing choreography.

I hope the good plays visit the Philippines, or better yet, I get the chance to visit West End and do a theater hopping vacation. That'd be sweet. I also wish that the production releases a DVD because I'm sure I'll be one of them buyers. As for now, I'll be content with the soundtrack I downloaded off the internet. Oh the internet is love.


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