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>> Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Australian Open. Check.
French Open. Check.
Wimbledon. Check.

That's three Grand Slam tournaments this year. The US Open is next and I am hoping that Federer wins this game.

To those who are not familiar with the point system in tennis ranking, a player earns a certain amount of points when he or she wins a match. The higher the points as he progresses in the tournament.

For the US open, the winner will earn 1000 points. If Federer wins it, his ranking points would be 7000+. It'll also secure his number one spot.

But judging on his performance this year, he really has to watch out for Nadal. Nadal is really fired up this year and it's really evident that he's pushing himself to the limits. If he continues his good performance, soon enough, he'll take the first place from Federer. Federer fans wouldn't want that to happen. The Fed needs motivation people!

In order to have a sure spot, someone has to defeat Nadal in the course of the tournament. Nadal is the only and greatest opponent that will challenge Federer. Nadal is only 700 points away from Fed's points. Wake up, Fed. The young padawan is getting stronger.

I'm laying all my chips for the preppy. Nadal will always be the hottie Hercules, but he'll remain my second choice in tennis tournaments. He can get his number one spot as soon as Federer resigns. Resignation will come 20 years from now. hahahaha Yeah yea, I wish.

The US Open starts in the middle of August! GO FED GOOOOOO!

photo from tennis.com


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