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run for cover

>> Monday, July 14, 2008

This has been circulating around youtube and the news. Obviously I wasn't aware of this because of two reasons: (1)I rarely watch the news, (2) It doesn't concern tennis or Josh Groban. Hahahahaha

Last week, Purefoods had a game against Talk 'n Text. The player from TNT, Leather, fouled a player from Purefoods, resulting in a heated shoving. Leather throws the ball to Purefoods player's head. The referees run to pacify the soon-to-be brawl when James Yap, out of his genius mind, decides to kick TNT player's ass. Literally. Leather forgets about the foul with Purefoods player and diverts his anger to the ass-kicker. James Yap, realizing that he did a terrible mistake, runs for cover. It becomes a cat-dog chase around the court.

Susugod pa si Enrico Villanueva oh.



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