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Fighting the Last Battle

>> Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I was rereading the Chronicles of Narnia, specifically the last book, "The Last Battle," when I noticed how appropriate the themes are with what is happening today. Before you go worshipping C.S. Lewis and think that he's some prophet who can predict the future, hold your Narnian horses and read along.

We all know that themes and symbolisms from the chronicles have Christian themes. The most popular book, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," is loosely based on resurrection and God's will. Aslan is perceived to be God, a warm but very strong leader. Aslan gave up his own life so that Edmund would live, just as Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. Winter does not mean Christmas, as Queen Jadis did not bring the joy in the winter season. She just brought joy, misery and a lot of false hopes to the people she lured into her castle. It was Father Christmas who was the one who brought real gifts, gifts that would protect and defend Narnia from the evilness of winter.

While I was going through the 7th book, I could relate to the whole theme of Puzzle the donkey dressing up in a lion's skin.

Some weeks ago, some nutcase interrupted our church service saying something about the end of the world and he's God prophet. He was shouting like he owned the place. He was escorted out of the place and spent the night in jail. I'm not sure if charges were filed against him, but he deserved it. Somebody should've whacked some sense into his brain.

The next Sunday, we were informed that there are some people who claim that they're God's chosen few and try to lure people into their groups. One of those groups was formed by Shafranek and that group was sent to the Philippines to spread some "luuurrve." And lurve he did not get back.

Enter C.S. Lewis. Shift is the Ape who forces Puzzle to wear a lion's skin and pretend that he's Aslan. Narnians believe that Puzzle is the great lion and follows whatever he says, even if means killing the trees and selling them to the Calormenes.

It's the devil's work to be in a disguise. His plan is not to get people to believe in him, but to get people to believe less in God. His style is to be in a disguise, then reveal his plan so that people will look for more proof in order to believe. Skepticism is the devil's work.

Shift revealed to the Narnians that it was Puzzle's idea to dress up as Aslan to deceive them. Sucky bozo huh? He's making these dirty plans and innocent and ignorant Puzzle is taking the fall. And when he moved to Plan B and said that Puzzle is the one deceiving them, the Narnians asked for proof.

All is not lost, for there are a few Narnians who are loyal and true to their belief that Aslan will come at the right time. Thousand of years have passed since Aslan fought a battle along with the Narnians. Prince Rillian, the king of the narnians, prayed in Aslan's name to send help. God looks at the heart. Ask and it shall be given. Pole and Srubb (Jill and Eustace) was sent to Narnia to help the King. They fight alongside the true Narnians, with all heart that they are ready to die for true and noble causes.

It is in giving yourself to God's purposes that you are rewarded. Aslan arrives with High King Peter, King Edmund, Queen Lucy, Polly and Professor Kirk. Aslan judges all of those who stood loyal and leads them to Aslan's country. A land of eternal happiness and peace. Aslan's country? Something familiar? Yes. Eternal Heaven. :) The Last Battle is the book of Revelation and God's second coming.

It's not just some fairy tale and a bed time story, but a way to teach the Bible. There's this book entitled "Roar" and it tackles all themes and details to the story.

I got a sweet deal with this book on board the Doulos ship for only 300 pesos. If you buy it in bookstores, it'll be sold for a thousand. It's a good book, very engaging and colorful. It's not a boring read and it's really recommended that you have the Chronicles with you while reading "Roar!"


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