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downfall of a fan

>> Friday, July 11, 2008

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a fan of anything. My blog entries would show my interests, what I am addicted to, what my search engine would probably contain.

Yes, I am part of certain groups and even joined forums and communities.

But there is a downfall to that, a consequence.

I've been a witness to some dirty stuff happening in forums and communities. Getting too much involved in something exposes you. Sometimes you become an enemy or a rival to that celebrity's attention. Even in fan communities, there are hierarchy and (for a lack of a better term) social rankings. It's like being in a cafeteria, where certain tables are only for certain people. When a newbie wants to fit in, that person will be scrutinized by the existing members. If he/she does not fit the standards, he'll/she'll be shooed away from the lunch table. Time to sit with the dorks.

The worst scenario I've seen is at the yuku forums of Josh Groban. There's this girl, Nay (who runs thatjoshgrobanguy.com) who is being shut down and harassed by another fan. I really don't know the whole story, but from what I've heard and read, the other fan seems like a competition to Nay's fansite. Nay's fansite is like the golden vault for all photographs, videos, interviews and magazine features. I've visited that site several times and I'd say it's really a swanky place to be. I mean, everything about Josh is there. *angel voices* Heaven!

The other fan wants her website closed. She's saying bad words about Nay. It bothered Nay so much that she decided to delete her website a few days ago.

Sad, isn't it?

Good thing I haven't joined the official fan club. I've been planning to do so, not until I've saved up for the membership fee of $24 dollars. I guess I won't pursue it, because it's just similar to the yuku boards. Other fans have said that the fojg.com threads have gone nasty. Fans are fighting other fans. I don't know why. I'll just go save up for the merch then enjoy Josh's music in the comforts of my own space.

I don't know what their problem is. I think everyone wants the attention of Josh and will push others away to get to the front of the line. It's kinda stupid to fight a stranger, let alone a fellow fan. Hellooo, you're supposed to be one for Josh! Not a million other rival groups for Josh.

I've learned to stay away and keep a tolerable distance. I'm still part of the yuku threads, but I only read. I don't get involved or even make myself active in the forums. I just post an entry or two, commenting on the great concert shot, or type "LOL" on the latest youtube interview. Or I'll just go screaming my Josh Groban fan head off in my own personal blog.

It was kinda a bad idea to volunteer to become a birthday fairy at the __grobanite community at LJ. Apparently, some members could not understand the birthday spams that I did.

(Oh, I must explain. The birthday fairy is responsible for making a Josh pic spam that celebrates the birthdays of the members. It's like making a script with Josh as the main character, using pictures of Josh.)

I asked an explanation from the head fairy. She said that messages were sent to her saying that the grobanites could not relate to the spams. It was a blessing in disguise actually, because its a drag to make spams. I've been wanting to resign as a birthday fairy. I always dread the day that it would be my turn to write a spam for strangers. I try to make it as personal, but I guess they don't get it. *shrug* I don't care, it was a great relief that a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I told the head fairy that I wanted to quit. No hard feelings. I was jumping for joy when they put up a competition for new birthday fairies. Laladeee! *frolics away*

These are not the only stories I have about being a fan. There are more, and not just concerning the oh-so-lovable-kulot-named-Josh-Groban. It was a learning experience. Getting too much involved can get into trouble. It's a stupid kind of trouble. Why would you even fight in the name of your favorite artist, celebrity, sports icon? Live in peace people.

Forums, communities, and fansite are sources of information, not venues for fan competition. You're still a stranger to that person, a face in the crowd of screaming fans. You might expect a lot from the privileges and when you don't get it, you drown in disappointment. Ennngggggk. Lame excuse for depression.

It's ok to be a fan. It's ok to enjoy their company. It's ok to have butterflies in your stomach when he grants your request for a photo. There's nothing bad in being a fan. It's just that when things get dirty, it's a nudge-nudge that says, "Hey keep your distance. You're going overboard." You should enjoy it, share it with others, and feel the joy. Be happy for others when they get the chance to watch a concert or a game. Everyone is in a line. You wait for your turn. Your favorite celebrity will always be there, ready with a smile and a pen to sign your arm.

Want to make it permanent? Go have it tattooed on you.


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