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blocked sites

>> Monday, July 28, 2008

Blocking sites sucks big time.

One, it's frustrating. Let's say your researching for information related to your work. You find what you're looking for through google then it directs you to a certain site, let's say blogspot. When you click it, a sign pops up and says that "This page cannot be displayed." What do you do? Hang your head in dismay because blogspot is blocked.

Two, it's useless. There are proxy sites that allow you to visit this blocked sites. So what's the use of blocking them if there are other ways of opening the sites. It just adds to the job of opening a proxy site, pasting the desired url and checking it with an anonymous url. Even if some proxy sites disable java, YouTube is still accessible. Watching video is still possible. The only glitch in it is that you can't see the info of the video.

Three, it delays fun. When my friends send me photos that are hosted by photobucket, I can't just click it from the link. I still have to go through the proxy site long cut before I can see the photo.

Now, now. Why should I be complaining? Proxy sites are there to save my ass from being bored. Proxy sites allow me to post photos and entries when I have the "inspiration" or the idea to share. I just find the whole process dragging and so damn long.

I gotta give credit to Bambi, who taught me the wonders of proxy sites. Without her little tip, I wouldn't be able to post entries. The weird thing about the office rule on blocking sites is that I am able to type in blogger, but when I open blogspot, I would need a proxy.


rachelleadg51 10:35 PM  

wee teach me also!!!

yumiskee kulitskee 10:44 PM  


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