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smash those rackets for the French Open 2008

>> Monday, June 09, 2008

Rafael Nadal is still the king of clay. He defended his title against Roger Federer, winning three sets in a row: 6-1, 6-3, 6-0. Fed looked like a puny little tennis boy against the strong smashes of Rafa. These two players had nothing against each other, but high praises.

Fed is the top seeder tennis player, winning over 50+ titles at age 26. Rafa comes in second, equally strong as the Fed. Rafa's only 22 (damn, we have the same birth month) and he has a long way to go to reach the top spot. Being number two isn't so bad at all, because Rafa has made a name for himself as one of the most excellent tennis players in history.

As I was watching the men's finals last night, I studied the moves of these two players. Nadal was born righty, but his coach forced him to play with his left hand. Coach saw the potential and the strength if Nadal uses his left hand to hit those balls. Coach was right. Nadal's backhands hit the ball at high speeds, sending the ball to hit at the corners of baselines. That's a difficult maneuver, and it takes great skill to accomplish that.

Federer's approach is different. He's a frisky player, bouncing off all sides of the court. He can run from one sidecourt to another, just in time to catch the ball and hit it back to the other court. When the ball returns to his court, he runs towards the net, tapping the ball slightly. The ball tosses back to the other court, just near the net, giving the opponent a split second to realize that he has to run for his life and save that ball from bouncing twice.

But it seems that Nadal prepared for Federer's moves. He used Federer's trick to his advantage. Once Fed was near the net, Nadal used a forehand to hit the ball back to the baseline. It was too late for Fed to react. As he was on his way to the baseline, the ball bounces off the court, giving a point to the Rafa.

It was a good game and both players ended the game with smiles. No hard feelings, and they were still good friends.

As for the women's singles, Ivanovic won over Safina. Safina defeated Sharapova in the 4th round, playing her way to the finals. Safina had high hopes. If she could beat the top seeder, she can beat the second seeder.

Ivanovic wasn't intimidated with Safina's large shoulder muscles. Her light figure helped her sprint from one side to another. Ivanovic won the title, 6-4, 6-3. By today, she's taking over the first spot and Sharapova is dropping to the second spot.

I love watching the women's events, because of their fashion. The tennis court is not only a place for a game rally, but a catwalk for the women's tennis wear. Ivanovic wore a very pretty orange dress with frills on the skirt area.

Oh gawsh, look at those muscles. Safina is only 22, and Ivanovic is 20. *blank face* They're of my generation and they're raking in money and athletic power.

Wimbledon's next on the 23rd! All for Fed!


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