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>> Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Scrap the introduction because it's in Dutch. Unless you understand Dutch, then you can translate it for me. It doesn't matter if Lee isn't in his Egyptian loin cloth costume. He's getting better and better. He improved from the last time I saw him sing the same song a few months ago.

The low notes are amazing. Escalating to that ending made me want to give him a standing ovation right here in the office. Don't ever close the door on Lee Mead!

In connection to reality theater show, "I'd do Anything" has concluded. Jodie won the Nancy part. Gwion, Laurence and Harry were selected as the three Olivers. Yay for Gwion. I'm not sure of Laurence and Harry. Harry would actually be a better Artful Dodger. Pffft. I wanted Kwayezda and Chester. Oh well, I heard Chester's landing a role in the cast of Les Miserables. Yay! His theater career ain't over yet! At the last episode, Lee sang with the Olivers. It was so cuuuuuute.

Based on the last performance, I think Jessie should've won the lot. Her duet with Gwion showed that even at a young age, she can pass as a mother material to an Oliver. The other Nancys teared up after their duet. It was the only performance that I saw chemistry between a Nancy and an Oliver.

Take me now to West End. These reality shows makes me want to swim to London to see Gwion and Lee play on stage. hahahahaha GWIONISSOFREAKINCUTEIWANTTOPINCHHISCHEEEEEKS.


pining,  11:18 PM  

wow, I'm so glad the Lee Mead love has reached the Philippines, I thought I'm the only Filipino who's into him... magparami tayo :-)
you're right, his voice got better since the last time I saw him in the West End, sana mapanood mo rin siya pag nagawi ka dito!

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