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Christmases are forever

>> Saturday, June 07, 2008

Who said you can't have an exchange gift session in the middle of the year?

Lookie what I got from Chikai!

After nine months, Chikai and I finally met up again at the place where we first met: Trinoma. This time, we moved up to the second level. We hung out in front of Seattle's Best (note: OUTSIDE Seattle's Best because we didn't buy coffee. hhahaha) and chatted for a few minutes. I was waiting for our time slot in Kung Fu Panda. Since I had time to spare, I agreed on meeting up with Chikai, who was also in Trinoma with her dad.

As usual, our topic of conversation consisted of three things:
1. American Idol - Chikai is my fellow AI addict. She's more addicted to me because she downloaded almost all AI videos and placed it in her iPod. Weeeeell, I don't have an iPod so the only thing I can save are songs, which are in my iTunes in my phone. Fine, equally addicted. =))
2. Narnia - High King Peter, King Edmund and Prince Caspian. 'Nuff said.

commercial: I made two icons of my two favorite characters in the movie. Watch it, it's nice. The cinematography has improved from the first movie. Sucky slow-motion scenes kasi. :))

3. Lee Mead - we watched Daydream Believer sung by Lee Mead on her iPod. Cheer up sleepy jeaaan, oh what can it mean to a daydream believer and a home coming que-ee-eeen!

The bulk was AI. ehehehe. he. he. he. Sorry na! We still have AI stamped on our faces. Well, at least Narnia was there to share the addiction, but Narnia doesn't have guitar hero and forgotten lyrics. We can work it ou-uuut!

Oh, don't forget the obligatory photo! This serves as attendance. =)) Chikai brought Nick, I brought Joshua. Yippity ya yo! Joshua has met his ninang. :P

Thanks Chikai! And oh, Merry Christmas. =))


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