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Blast of to Educational Excellence!

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

What a great way to end the month!

After weeks and weeks of photoshopping, spiel-writing and late-night work hours, our event finally blasted off to space. It was a whole day topped with loooots of activities and boy, we were so damn exhausted after. We were there from 8 am till around 930 pm. I didn't join the team for dinner anymore because I was sweaty, sticky and goddamn tired.

I was already feeling woozy and sick that day, but I didn't want to ruin the event. I pushed myself and my strength. Now I'm down with the fever and the sniffles. HAHAHAHAHA

It wuz fun. It was my first time to wall climb, traverse and go rapelling! I am hooked. Seriously. I even asked the Tribu guys where I could go climbing around the metro. MONIX I WANNA GO CLIMBING PA! I don't care if my body is sooo sore with the climbing. Slight fever + hot weather + being tired + wall climbing = TOTAL SICKNESS.

Oh, thank you to my Beb and Owen for visiting me! Ay nako Monix your brother ha, di nagsasalita.

Sandy Prieto has the most beautiful boys ever. Srsly, I have a kiddie crush on them. I should've asked for a photo with Luca and Ben. =))

I met Janet and Carina! Aww, too bad, Noey wasn't there, I wasn't able to introduce myself. Hahahaha They left early, just right after their interview and some wall climbing. My picture with them is in the training laptop.

Woahwoah, star studded. We were able to invite Wesley So, the youngest chess grandmaster in the whole world. WHOLE WORLD BABY! Queena Lee-Chua's wiz child, Scott, also played chess. Wiz kids rule.

It's the first time I took over 1300+ pictures in one day. I just kept on clicking and clicking and clicking. It was more than 1 GB, so I couldn't save them all in my USB. I only got to save a thousand.

I'm not posting coherently. It's because my brain is not working. It's on a holiday! TILL TOMORROW! WHOHOOOO!

Congratulations Galileo! *champagne glasses clinking*

Sir Al: How do you spell education?
Answer: G-A-L-I-L-E-O!

You know where to go for the influx of photos.


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