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>> Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Customizing your google home page is swanky. And I have a swanky google home page.

It's called the "I Need Sleep" layout. :)) They don't have the "I need a raise," because if they did, I'm sooo gonna make that my homepage. hahahahaha

I requested a Josh Groban theme. I even told the other Grobanites to keep on requesting. Because when the team sees that a lot of people want a particular theme, they'll make one.

It's so unfair. They have a Taylor Hicks theme, but no Josh Groban? AREYOUSERIOUSSSSS? I want my kulot, nao.

Because this is a cool site and I want to spread the love, I will promote it.

I had a list of choices:
1. Rent
2. The Corpse Bride
3. Battle Royale - I AM NORIKO!!!!!! I liiiveee! *laughter thunder lightning*
4. House, M.D.
5. The Office

But then, Jace showed me the "I need sleep," which won my morning. Chachiiing! I have a new google homepage!

Go, go, visit the page!

P.S. REQUEST FOR JOSH GROBAN! sige naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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