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some throbbing update plus AI

>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

This has to be the worst case of migraine in my 21 years of existence. Last night I was already feeling woozy. I shrugged it off, thinking that my slight headache will go away if I sleep it off. I dozed off in the car on the way home. The car was in the garage already when I woke up. My head was still aching.

Biogesic was my only savior, so I drank a tablet during dinner. Still the headache did not go away. I went to bed, hoping that in the morning, I'll be fine.

Demmet, it was a bad sleep. I dreamed that my head was throbbing in pain, only to wake up with a terrible headache. I drank another tablet around 5 am.

I couldn't sleep and I cried myself to sleep. (everybody now, "awwwww")

Mom massaged my head, dad held my hand. I fell asleep but woke up again after a few hours with my head still aching.

I decided not to go to work. NOooo not today, I had to go to practice my kids in Unilab. Demmet. My head wanted to explode whenever I moved. I cried again.

Funny, I remembered that I asked for something new to cry about in the tagging meme I answered. There I got my wish. ha ha ha ha ha *holds head* ow ow ow ow ow...

I had to force myself to get up because I had to finish the powerpoint for the culminating activity of the kids in Unilab. yeahyeahyeah, work is work even if my head was sooo heavy.

My head is still aching. Now I go to bed. My work is done.

On a happier note,


WHOHOOOO! IT'S A DAVID-DAVID FINALE NEXT WEEEEEK! I'm sooo rooting for David. David who? Whoever. hahahahahahahaha I want cookie to win, but I'd be happy for Bebeh D if he wins. (hoy, copywrited ang Bebeh D. Term invented by Chikai) Thank you to America, this will be the greatest finale evaaaaarrrr.

*grabs head* I need an ice pack for my head. This is my 4th ice pack for the day.


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