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Picking a Nancy because it's a hard knock life

>> Thursday, May 01, 2008

The BBC reality show "I'd Do Anything" is one of the shows that I watch via YouTube. It's not available on cable or on local channels. I have the help of Wikipedia to help me track the episodes, the missions of the Nancys and Olivers, the group performances and the eliminations.

I don't really care much about the Nancys as much as I care about the Olivers. I only watch the group performances of the Nancys because it shows their vulnerability. The individual performances are more to their advantage because they are able to pick their songs and fit them to their vocal range. The group performance puts them all in one vocal range and they have to adapt to it. And with only a few lines for them to sing a solo, they have to hit the right notes to stand out.

On the third week, the Nancys sang "Good Morning Baltimore" from the musical "Hairspray." I scrutinized their movements, their dancing skills, their vocals, and facial expressions.

Vocally, my favorite is Niamh. She's easy to spot -- she's the the one that looks like Wednesday Adams, according to the judges. Heeee. Her eyes are heavily lined with black eyeliner. The other contestants didn't hit the notes on "oh-oh-oh" (the start of every line in the verses). I cringed when they were singing. Their dancing was all over the place. It's horrible in the sense that they over did it. Nikki Blondsky did great in the movie so I was expecting them to be better since it's theater. Niamh was the only one who did it right.

I want her to win because she's a great singer. However, if she wants to become Nancy, she should take off the eyeliner. Nancy is supposed to be a poor and motherly woman to Oliver and we couldn't have a goth-looking lady on stage. Of course, eyeliner is important on stage to bring out the eyes, but not too much. It makes her look dark.

I wouldn't end this post without a performance by the Olivers. There are five kids now who are to move on to the semi finals: Gwion (Squeee! Welsh accent!), Chester (my Pie Jesu kid), Arthur (the MCR fan), Kwayedza (the only black kid with a very endearing husky voice), and Alexander (the stunt master). I can't really pick a favorite because they're all talented and you'll see the passion in their eyes when they do the challenges. If Kwayedza wins, the man who'll play Mr. Brownlow should be black too. It'll look inconsistent if Oliver is black then Mr. Brownlow, who turns out to be Oliver's relative, is white. West End should be prepared for that.

These kids are ready to become Olivers. "It's a Hard Knock Life" is my most favorite Oliver performance so far. They're so damn cute.


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