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>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

By this time, the whole world knows that Cookie won American Idol for season 8. It's been hours since the result came out and everyone's been hyper about it. I'm on a hangover. I even wrote a nutty entry on how the two Davids killed me and made my heart stop. This is the first season that I really cared on who would win. Other seasons were like, "yeaah, I want him/her to win, but I don't really care." For this season, I couldn't make a choice because they were both ridiculously amazing and talented.

Comparing the two Davids is impossible. David Archuleta (or Little David to most people) is on the ballad side, touching the mellow hearts of people. His kind of musical arrangement is pop. Who can forget his pop version of "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera? I know a lot of people raised their eyebrows on that rendition, but that's your Little David. He's one cute and very adorable pop artist.

David Cook, on the other hand, is the rock artist. People have described him as versatile and I agree with that. He makes his songs his own and makes it work. I love almost all of Cookie's songs and I never fail to grab a copy of his studio versions. Every week, he gives something new. He's unpredictable too. You think he'd go rock with his song, but once he steps on stage, he'll blow you away with a different genre.

If Archie is cute, then Cookie is hawt.

Today's finale was the best finale ever. I enjoyed every performance (not much of the Jonas Brothers and DEFINITELY NOT Renaldo Lapuz's performance), from the top 12, to the duets, to the guests. I was screaming my head off after every performance and it was soooo nice to see the top 12 enjoying the stage. The guys were hawt tonight! Let's go tight jeans on Michael and Jason! hahaha

Every performance was the performance of the night. But I got teary eyed at this song:

David Archuleta sang with One Republic at the song "Apologize." It was so great, Simon Cowell stood up to applaud David. David Cook's was kinda weird, maybe because of the band (ZZ top) he sang it with (I call it the Gandalf band).

I'm so glad that the two Davids went head-to-head at this finale. They both deserve to be there. I would've protested if they weren't the final two. Thank you to America for voting wisely.

You can say that your winner is Archie or Cookie, but my winners are the Davids.

photo courtesy of americanidol.com

The best part of this season? The Guitar Hero videos. These guys aren't in pants.

This is the hawt one. Nice legs. =))

Awww boo. This might be my last AI-related post. No more musical excellence to catch on Wednesday! :(


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