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moving on is difficult because I'm forever in blue jeans

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who said moving on was easy? Here's the proof of a total hangover.

I want to use the face palm icon on my lj, but I can't find a way to resize it. LJ only allows 40 kb as a file size. The Jason icon is 181 kb and the Michael is 65 kb. The too good for you is 131 kb. Archie's 100+ kb too. Oh camon. I hate LJ's file size limitations.

Chikai and I have already names for our baby boys (which will happen 10 years from now -- that's for me, and 20 for Chikai)

Chikai: David Michael John
Yumi: Jason Joshua Lee

For my surname, I can choose from Castro, Groban or Mead. HAHAHAHAAH This sounds like a Mama Mia moment. One child, three possible fathers.

I really love the AI guys. They're not just in for the money and fame because they're all educated! I just love guys who value education.

Michael Johns: He got accepted to college with a tennis scholarship. So that means he's athletic AND smart! Ohlala, I'd love to watch him play tennis all year long. If he's up against Djokovic or Federer, I'd go for the hottie Michael.

David Cook: He's not just some rocker bartender. He actually graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. He's also known for being the word nerd, the guy who loves to answer crossword puzzles during his free time. He plays golf.

David Archuleta: Well, I can't say much about him because he's still in high school. But I'll give credit to him for not stopping his schooling. In the duration of the contest, he spends 3 hours a day doing homework and catching up on lessons. His free times are spent in the apartment, using his brains for education. Keep it up, little David.

Jason Castro: Now this is unbelievable. I learned from Tia that there is more to the laid-back image of Jason. He's actually smart and he got a high score on his SAT. 1340 (or something like that) is a high score dude. A perfect score is 2500. Come on! This ain't right! I can't even imagine him staying up late and studying for the SATs. Hahahahaha. But seriously, I adore him more with this little trivia about him. Those dreads are smart! Jason plays soccer tooooo. lalalalala...

Tell me how long will I get over this addiction. Maybe a few weeks, a few months? How about never? ahahaha For days now, my iTunes is on one playlist and that is my AI7 playlist. My officemates call me the iTunes store for idol songs, because I even have a collection of the pre-idol albums of Carly, Michael Johns and David Cook (I'm still on the look out for a fast download of Brooke's pre-idol album). Chikai and I have been talking AI stuff since the season started and her iPod is filled with AI videos. I don't own an iPod so the only video stored is Cookie's Guitar Hero. My LJ is slowly becoming an AI update. My entries for the friends' list is filled with entries from various communities: davidcookai7, jason_castro, team_archuleta, cookstro, supportmichaellj, etc etc. This is worse than getting addicted to Coke or Marijuana (MJ = micahel johns? wahahah) because I get em for free and without extra cost.

How do I move on?


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