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making gifs

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

I found this really wacky video of Josh Groban. It was his recent interview at the Paul O'Grady show. At the 5.28 mark, he acts silly while drumming in the air.

I so wanted to make a gif out of this, so I googled some sites on how to get that air drumming into a gif image.

1. You have to save your video first to your computer. There are several online sites that rips videos from youtube. I found http://www.mediaconverter.org/ to be the most reliable and fastest online video converter.

2. Once the video is saved on to the computer, import them to your windows media player and clip the part you would like to be made into a gif.

For more detailed instructions (plus screen caps), click on this.

3. Once it is saved, upload them at http://www.gifninja.com/ConvertVideoToGif.aspx and it'll automatically convert it to gif. The gif image will appear, right click and save to your computer.

My only problem now is how to save it into a lower image size. I know it's possible using Photoshop CS2. I'm on Photoshop 7, so my Photoshop doesn't have the animation version. HAHAHAHAHA

Let's say you have the CS2. After resizing, click on "file" and "save for web". Make sure that you have selected the gif option. You can check the file size at the bottom left of the screen. Save and upload to lj.

Siiiince my CS2 is in the office, I'll have to upload it there. Patience, Yumi, patience till you get it uploaded in your lj.

Josh looks so retarded, it's making me laugh.


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