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in all un-seriousness

>> Monday, May 05, 2008

I have a blog entry in mind, but I'm too lazy to think about grammar and coherence. I'll post it sometime, when I have all the time in the world to procrastinate. That means work. Hahahaha

I nicked this from Thirdy's friendster. Gone are the days where I used to flood people's bulletin boards with these online tests.

My brain is fried and tired with all the writing I did this morning. STRESS KUNG STRESS!

1. Say something about ur lovelife. Currently non existent. I'm not complaining, I have all the time to be single.

2. fave song as for now Electricity from the musical Billy Elliot. Can someone take me to watch this play in West End? I know I won't be able to see Liam Mower perform, but I'd still love to watch whoever is playing Billy.

3. fave tv show as for now I'm still a solid fan of Kyle XY and CSI. Heroes come in second place. When will season three come?

4. last movie you saw Iron man is the shiz! In a few hours, it'll be Billy Elliot. Holy smackerel. I downloaded the version that is dubbed in Spanish. HAHAHAHAHAHA I'll just watch se7en instead.

5. With whom? Edlyn, Geopet, Jace, Jay, Cerz and Paulo.

6. yosi or beer? Neither. I don't smoke and I don't drink.

7. have you ever fallen in love w/ a friend? I'd love to have a friend first, then fall in love with him. But as of now, I will repeat what I said this morning. I have never fallen in love. =)) Boo me.

8. what song is currently playing? Some song I don't know. The opening song in Billy Elliot.

9. any pets? what are their names? Those are mom's pets. Mom has four love birds and I only know the name of one: Venti.

10. may nasuntok ka na ba? Jokingly, a lot. But if you're talking about fist fighting, then no.

11. ano sinabi nung sinuntok mo? The usual answer, "Ano ba?" or "Aray naman!"

12. which do you prefer? jollibee or mcdo? Jollibee for food choices, McDo for the burgers and fries. And soda. The soda from Jollibee is sometimes watery.

13. wendy's or kfc? why? Wendy's. Because of the burgers. I luuurve Hamburger Deluxe.

14. ever had your heart broken? No. But if you're gonna consider Lee Mead dating Denise Van Outen, then yes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm just kidding.

15. what did you do to the person who broke your heart? I still continued watching is videos on youtube? :)) Not applicable. Because.

16. what's inside your pocket? Nothing. I don't usually place stuff inside my pocket.

17. Kanino ka may utang? Mom's credit card. I still have to pay for that book I bought a few weeks ago.

18. biggest regret in life? It's useless anyway. I'm happy where I am right now.

19. What made you happy today? Sleep. And the fact that I was absent because of um.. a test.

20. best place you'd rather be? Beach. Oh wait, Scotland. Yown.

21. last time you cried? I can't remember. February? EH KASI. waahahahah

22. what do you want to do right now? same old, same old. Those worksheets.

23. huling tinext mo? Marthakins. She was telling me about her swimming training.

24. describe yourself in one word Hyperactive. I guess.

25. huling ginawa mo kagabi bago matulog? Transfered beds. I slept in the living room. hahaha

26. nakapunta ka na ba sa cebu? Take me there.

27. huling inutos sayo? "turn off the lights in the terrace"

28. magulo ba dyan sa lugar nyo? magulo as in makalat? No. Magulo as in fights, occasionally there are fights down the road.

29. happy ka ba ngaun? More of thankful.

30. nakapunta ka na ba sa malabon zoo? Yeah. It's been a decade since I've last visited the place. I would love to go zoo hopping this year. Jaa-aace, are you seeing this?

31. huli mong kinain? Liempo, I think.

32. huli mong ininom? Water. It's sooo freakin' hoooot.

33. naka -experience ka na ba ng lindol? Of course.

34. kelan ka huling sumakay ng elevator? The last time I went to the gym. Last week I think.

35. anong gagawin mo bukas? Go to Unilab.

36. Anung gusto mo itanong KUNG IKAW ANG GUMAWA NG SURVEY NA ITO? Why are you so freakin' concerned? =))

37. anong oras ka natulog kagabi?.. I can't remember. 1030 I think.

38. anong huling binili mo?.. Food. I paid for our lunch.

39. huling tanong, hows your heart? Beating properly, thank you very much.


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