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i'm working? oh, I am!

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

I guess by this time, everyone's wondering if I still have a life other than American Idol. I'm starting to believe that American Idol has taken over my life already. I stayed up till 2 AM, just trying to figure out how to resize the Jason icon that I did (and to no avail). When my internet at work is not that sucky, I spend my time watching AI interviews and videos while working. Right now, the television is turned on to an AI marathon. No one's changing that channel till 12 midnight. *laughs*

Wait, did I mention I have work? Ohhhh. I do.

So what's going on with my life lately? (I'll try my best NOT to mention AI. This will be the last for this entry. I can't promise for the next few days or weeks, because I'm sure that I'll be mentioning it.)

Two years ago, I was hired as an English writer. Guess what, a new job description has been added. Hahaha, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Good in a way because it's giving me a break from my mental block when writing my worksheets. Bad in a way because my writing goals is always being moved to a later date. Looks like these worksheets would be in the making for a loooong time.

I am now a writer-slash-graphic-artist. There are too many marketing collaterals needed to be finished and 4 graphic artists are not enough to finish the job. Therefore, when a new computer came in to replace my old one (oh I am attached to that old computer), it was meant to have more space for Photoshop files and not for my worksheets.

It's fun to do photoshop, though it's getting in the way of my writing stuff. Next week is such a hectic schedule because I have to finish a card sleeve for a June event. On top of that deadline, I have to edit instructions for a 130-page book. The deadlines? Monday for the card sleeve and Tuesday for the instructions. AAAAAND I have to be in a center on Monday to do an errand. This is one week that I wish I can split my body into two. If I didn't need to be in Katipunan on a Monday morning, I would be able to finish the instructions. Right now, I'm not sure if I'll live to get it done. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have to make trivia questions for Monday. I took that home already because the resources are here at home. One down, three to go. Where am I? Thankfully still alive, thanks to... ooops, I promised not to mention anything about that show.

Someone's on the verge of sending in a bucketful of teasing. *cough Drex cough* That's why I'm behaving. ahahaha

I'm not really complaining, because I like what I'm doing. I guess the time constraint is making me nuts and I need all the musical craziness to keep me sane. Oh there's also the question of pay. WAHAHAHAHAH I won't go into that.

I won't complain because I had a great Wednesday with the Galileo teachers. We had a team-building activity at the Acropolis Clubhouse. The swimming pool was wicked and I enjoyed the liberty of doing laps. The games Ailen prepared were fun and I looooved all water games. Yes, I'm a fish in the making.

From fish, I'll segue to my swimming. I stopped my membership at Planet Infinity, which means I'm not going swimming in that place anymore. The fee is too expensive and I'm not maximizing the privileges. On busy weeks (which happens all the time), I only get to swim once a week. Four times a month comes out like 500 pesos per hour. Eeeeep, too much. Now, I'm looking for a cheaper pool where I can pay per visit. Cheaper but of course with clean facilities. I won't expect kick-ass showers like the one in Planet, but at least a decent one where I can take a shower and change into my clothes.

I guess that sums up my first half of 2008. Daaaamn, it's June tomorrow. Time flies so fast.

No worries, I'm still smiling. :) I'll take a quote from Josh Groban's song: "There's so much to be thankful for."


marga 11:29 PM  

honey makati aquasports na! taraaaaaa!!!

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