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Gummy Yummy

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

When it comes to sweets, I will only give in to three bribes: Hershey's (bar chocolate or Kisses), Fruitella, and Gummy worms (or bears).

Offer me a mint, I'll decline. Offer me bubblegum, I can consider declining. I can say no to a craving of Skittles candy. But present me with these three (especially the gummy worms), then my fingers will find its way to that bag of candy.

Photo taken from Jefferson General Store site.

I have a pack of gummy worms hidden away in my fridge. I always grab a worm and chew on it every Saturday. I like 'em hard and cold, fresh from the fridge. I chew on it and wait for it to soften inside my mouth.

lalalalalala. Food gloree-yooos food!

I'm not into those Belgian chocolate. (cue lady with dark red lipstick, licking her lips to the sight of oh-so seductive chocolates). Even if they say that dark chocolate is healthy, I won't give in to them. It's not like I gorge on sweets every single day. I know how to eat in moderation, that's why I won't go all hypocrite and say that I eat dark chocolate because it's healthy. Bring in the sugar!!! Because tomorrow, my lunch would be veggies. I need the sugar too, yah know. And Josh Groban is not enough sugar rush. I need 'em real stuff. (that Josh Groban line is sooo totally random.)

Today is Saturday, therefore, I am entitled to at least one gummy worm. March away!

Weird. When I searched for gummy worms pictures, I got this:

What does Bridge to Terabithia and Indiana Jones have to do with gummy worms?


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