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blurry lights

>> Thursday, May 08, 2008

Whoever thought of creating a memory card for cameras is a genius. It gives me all the freedom to experiment and keep on clicking. I don't need to think of making a good shot because practicing and risking is the best way to get it right.

I took over 50 shots on the way home. It was a good night to take pictures. Our van was on coding, therefore we had to use our 1983 Toyota Corolla to roam the streets. The corolla wasn't tinted so I had 360 degrees access to taking photos.

It was drizzling too. It produced drops on the glass, making them perfect lenses to blur lights from cars and street signs. I just kept on clicking. I didn't care if the drivers and their passengers were aware of the light coming from my camera. I wouldn't get a good shot of their faces anyway; it was too dark for details.

This is how bad my eyesight is. Without my glasses, lights become colored circles on the dark night. It's sucky for me, but when they come out in photographs, they become purdeeee. Hahahaha

I just kept on clicking. I think I should call this entry, "accidental shots." Once I determined the right shutter speed, I just kept shooting. Enough light to enter the camera, just the right speed so that the lights won't look splattered and bright.

Watery fireworks - Stop, go. Stop, Go

There's another title for this blog entry: "Lonely on a rainy night."

*laughs* naaaaw, I'm not lonely. And neither am I emo. :))


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