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i'm working? oh, I am!

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

I guess by this time, everyone's wondering if I still have a life other than American Idol. I'm starting to believe that American Idol has taken over my life already. I stayed up till 2 AM, just trying to figure out how to resize the Jason icon that I did (and to no avail). When my internet at work is not that sucky, I spend my time watching AI interviews and videos while working. Right now, the television is turned on to an AI marathon. No one's changing that channel till 12 midnight. *laughs*

Wait, did I mention I have work? Ohhhh. I do.

So what's going on with my life lately? (I'll try my best NOT to mention AI. This will be the last for this entry. I can't promise for the next few days or weeks, because I'm sure that I'll be mentioning it.)

Two years ago, I was hired as an English writer. Guess what, a new job description has been added. Hahaha, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Good in a way because it's giving me a break from my mental block when writing my worksheets. Bad in a way because my writing goals is always being moved to a later date. Looks like these worksheets would be in the making for a loooong time.

I am now a writer-slash-graphic-artist. There are too many marketing collaterals needed to be finished and 4 graphic artists are not enough to finish the job. Therefore, when a new computer came in to replace my old one (oh I am attached to that old computer), it was meant to have more space for Photoshop files and not for my worksheets.

It's fun to do photoshop, though it's getting in the way of my writing stuff. Next week is such a hectic schedule because I have to finish a card sleeve for a June event. On top of that deadline, I have to edit instructions for a 130-page book. The deadlines? Monday for the card sleeve and Tuesday for the instructions. AAAAAND I have to be in a center on Monday to do an errand. This is one week that I wish I can split my body into two. If I didn't need to be in Katipunan on a Monday morning, I would be able to finish the instructions. Right now, I'm not sure if I'll live to get it done. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have to make trivia questions for Monday. I took that home already because the resources are here at home. One down, three to go. Where am I? Thankfully still alive, thanks to... ooops, I promised not to mention anything about that show.

Someone's on the verge of sending in a bucketful of teasing. *cough Drex cough* That's why I'm behaving. ahahaha

I'm not really complaining, because I like what I'm doing. I guess the time constraint is making me nuts and I need all the musical craziness to keep me sane. Oh there's also the question of pay. WAHAHAHAHAH I won't go into that.

I won't complain because I had a great Wednesday with the Galileo teachers. We had a team-building activity at the Acropolis Clubhouse. The swimming pool was wicked and I enjoyed the liberty of doing laps. The games Ailen prepared were fun and I looooved all water games. Yes, I'm a fish in the making.

From fish, I'll segue to my swimming. I stopped my membership at Planet Infinity, which means I'm not going swimming in that place anymore. The fee is too expensive and I'm not maximizing the privileges. On busy weeks (which happens all the time), I only get to swim once a week. Four times a month comes out like 500 pesos per hour. Eeeeep, too much. Now, I'm looking for a cheaper pool where I can pay per visit. Cheaper but of course with clean facilities. I won't expect kick-ass showers like the one in Planet, but at least a decent one where I can take a shower and change into my clothes.

I guess that sums up my first half of 2008. Daaaamn, it's June tomorrow. Time flies so fast.

No worries, I'm still smiling. :) I'll take a quote from Josh Groban's song: "There's so much to be thankful for."


moving on is difficult because I'm forever in blue jeans

Who said moving on was easy? Here's the proof of a total hangover.

I want to use the face palm icon on my lj, but I can't find a way to resize it. LJ only allows 40 kb as a file size. The Jason icon is 181 kb and the Michael is 65 kb. The too good for you is 131 kb. Archie's 100+ kb too. Oh camon. I hate LJ's file size limitations.

Chikai and I have already names for our baby boys (which will happen 10 years from now -- that's for me, and 20 for Chikai)

Chikai: David Michael John
Yumi: Jason Joshua Lee

For my surname, I can choose from Castro, Groban or Mead. HAHAHAHAAH This sounds like a Mama Mia moment. One child, three possible fathers.

I really love the AI guys. They're not just in for the money and fame because they're all educated! I just love guys who value education.

Michael Johns: He got accepted to college with a tennis scholarship. So that means he's athletic AND smart! Ohlala, I'd love to watch him play tennis all year long. If he's up against Djokovic or Federer, I'd go for the hottie Michael.

David Cook: He's not just some rocker bartender. He actually graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. He's also known for being the word nerd, the guy who loves to answer crossword puzzles during his free time. He plays golf.

David Archuleta: Well, I can't say much about him because he's still in high school. But I'll give credit to him for not stopping his schooling. In the duration of the contest, he spends 3 hours a day doing homework and catching up on lessons. His free times are spent in the apartment, using his brains for education. Keep it up, little David.

Jason Castro: Now this is unbelievable. I learned from Tia that there is more to the laid-back image of Jason. He's actually smart and he got a high score on his SAT. 1340 (or something like that) is a high score dude. A perfect score is 2500. Come on! This ain't right! I can't even imagine him staying up late and studying for the SATs. Hahahahaha. But seriously, I adore him more with this little trivia about him. Those dreads are smart! Jason plays soccer tooooo. lalalalala...

Tell me how long will I get over this addiction. Maybe a few weeks, a few months? How about never? ahahaha For days now, my iTunes is on one playlist and that is my AI7 playlist. My officemates call me the iTunes store for idol songs, because I even have a collection of the pre-idol albums of Carly, Michael Johns and David Cook (I'm still on the look out for a fast download of Brooke's pre-idol album). Chikai and I have been talking AI stuff since the season started and her iPod is filled with AI videos. I don't own an iPod so the only video stored is Cookie's Guitar Hero. My LJ is slowly becoming an AI update. My entries for the friends' list is filled with entries from various communities: davidcookai7, jason_castro, team_archuleta, cookstro, supportmichaellj, etc etc. This is worse than getting addicted to Coke or Marijuana (MJ = micahel johns? wahahah) because I get em for free and without extra cost.

How do I move on?


no need to apologize

>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

By this time, the whole world knows that Cookie won American Idol for season 8. It's been hours since the result came out and everyone's been hyper about it. I'm on a hangover. I even wrote a nutty entry on how the two Davids killed me and made my heart stop. This is the first season that I really cared on who would win. Other seasons were like, "yeaah, I want him/her to win, but I don't really care." For this season, I couldn't make a choice because they were both ridiculously amazing and talented.

Comparing the two Davids is impossible. David Archuleta (or Little David to most people) is on the ballad side, touching the mellow hearts of people. His kind of musical arrangement is pop. Who can forget his pop version of "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera? I know a lot of people raised their eyebrows on that rendition, but that's your Little David. He's one cute and very adorable pop artist.

David Cook, on the other hand, is the rock artist. People have described him as versatile and I agree with that. He makes his songs his own and makes it work. I love almost all of Cookie's songs and I never fail to grab a copy of his studio versions. Every week, he gives something new. He's unpredictable too. You think he'd go rock with his song, but once he steps on stage, he'll blow you away with a different genre.

If Archie is cute, then Cookie is hawt.

Today's finale was the best finale ever. I enjoyed every performance (not much of the Jonas Brothers and DEFINITELY NOT Renaldo Lapuz's performance), from the top 12, to the duets, to the guests. I was screaming my head off after every performance and it was soooo nice to see the top 12 enjoying the stage. The guys were hawt tonight! Let's go tight jeans on Michael and Jason! hahaha

Every performance was the performance of the night. But I got teary eyed at this song:

David Archuleta sang with One Republic at the song "Apologize." It was so great, Simon Cowell stood up to applaud David. David Cook's was kinda weird, maybe because of the band (ZZ top) he sang it with (I call it the Gandalf band).

I'm so glad that the two Davids went head-to-head at this finale. They both deserve to be there. I would've protested if they weren't the final two. Thank you to America for voting wisely.

You can say that your winner is Archie or Cookie, but my winners are the Davids.

photo courtesy of americanidol.com

The best part of this season? The Guitar Hero videos. These guys aren't in pants.

This is the hawt one. Nice legs. =))

Awww boo. This might be my last AI-related post. No more musical excellence to catch on Wednesday! :(



>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ang love life ko ay parang coke.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! You the best Ichie! Best joke evarrrr! And I can sooo relate to this.

And oh, David Archuleta will so win this thing. I know everyone's on the DC side, but based on the performances, I'm going for Baby D.

First round - Even if I love Cookie's song and his performance (Great way to start the show pumpin'!), my jaw just dropped on Archie's song. Wonderful vocals from the two Davids. I love them both. First round goes to Baby D.
Second round - Still David Archuleta. But DC was good too.
Third round - I still would've given it to DA, but because he sang Imagine already before, I felt like I was just watching a performance from the top 24. The notes became predictable, I even sang along. My third round goes to Cookie for picking a tear-jerking song.

And for the win, it'll go to... David. =))

Seriously, I don't know who will win based on votes. Both have been strong since the beginning and their fans have always saved them from being in the bottom 3. Now that there's no bottom 3 anymore, it's a 50-50 percent chance of winning. DC is sellable, because he's versatile and more mature. DA is the adorable one and can get millions and millions of screaming little fan girls. If you put DA with the age group of the teen idols (Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Jonas Brothers), he's gonna kill their careers. David A is way way way way WAAAAAAAAAAAY better than those famous teens. I mean it's a bad idea to put Jonas Brothers in the finale. puhleeze, they're not of the same level as the top 12! I'm blabbing, aren't I? Yes, I am.

Anyway, I'm happy for both. And it's gonna break my heart if one doesn't win it. I'll be happy for one David and sad for the other. Ah well, we'll see how my heart will handle the results tomorrow.

8 AM! stay awake people!


making gifs

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

I found this really wacky video of Josh Groban. It was his recent interview at the Paul O'Grady show. At the 5.28 mark, he acts silly while drumming in the air.

I so wanted to make a gif out of this, so I googled some sites on how to get that air drumming into a gif image.

1. You have to save your video first to your computer. There are several online sites that rips videos from youtube. I found http://www.mediaconverter.org/ to be the most reliable and fastest online video converter.

2. Once the video is saved on to the computer, import them to your windows media player and clip the part you would like to be made into a gif.

For more detailed instructions (plus screen caps), click on this.

3. Once it is saved, upload them at http://www.gifninja.com/ConvertVideoToGif.aspx and it'll automatically convert it to gif. The gif image will appear, right click and save to your computer.

My only problem now is how to save it into a lower image size. I know it's possible using Photoshop CS2. I'm on Photoshop 7, so my Photoshop doesn't have the animation version. HAHAHAHAHA

Let's say you have the CS2. After resizing, click on "file" and "save for web". Make sure that you have selected the gif option. You can check the file size at the bottom left of the screen. Save and upload to lj.

Siiiince my CS2 is in the office, I'll have to upload it there. Patience, Yumi, patience till you get it uploaded in your lj.

Josh looks so retarded, it's making me laugh.


tooth fairy strike

The tooth fairies are on strike. They're not giving up any money, which means I can keep all my baby teeth plus my wisdom tooth.

But I found out where they were staying. Shhhh. Mustn't disturb the fairies.

Golly, they have an attic!


talk about scandalous

>> Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photo taken from the Grobanite community, courtesy of joshboy

That. Is.

Idina Menzel kissing Josh Groban.


Chess fans said that a kiss shouldn't even happen the whole play. Checheeeeen.

If you want a clearer picture, you can click the photo for a larger shot.

I am soooo making a fuss (and a huge issue) about this kiss. Aylaveeet =))


some throbbing update plus AI

>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

This has to be the worst case of migraine in my 21 years of existence. Last night I was already feeling woozy. I shrugged it off, thinking that my slight headache will go away if I sleep it off. I dozed off in the car on the way home. The car was in the garage already when I woke up. My head was still aching.

Biogesic was my only savior, so I drank a tablet during dinner. Still the headache did not go away. I went to bed, hoping that in the morning, I'll be fine.

Demmet, it was a bad sleep. I dreamed that my head was throbbing in pain, only to wake up with a terrible headache. I drank another tablet around 5 am.

I couldn't sleep and I cried myself to sleep. (everybody now, "awwwww")

Mom massaged my head, dad held my hand. I fell asleep but woke up again after a few hours with my head still aching.

I decided not to go to work. NOooo not today, I had to go to practice my kids in Unilab. Demmet. My head wanted to explode whenever I moved. I cried again.

Funny, I remembered that I asked for something new to cry about in the tagging meme I answered. There I got my wish. ha ha ha ha ha *holds head* ow ow ow ow ow...

I had to force myself to get up because I had to finish the powerpoint for the culminating activity of the kids in Unilab. yeahyeahyeah, work is work even if my head was sooo heavy.

My head is still aching. Now I go to bed. My work is done.

On a happier note,


WHOHOOOO! IT'S A DAVID-DAVID FINALE NEXT WEEEEEK! I'm sooo rooting for David. David who? Whoever. hahahahahahahaha I want cookie to win, but I'd be happy for Bebeh D if he wins. (hoy, copywrited ang Bebeh D. Term invented by Chikai) Thank you to America, this will be the greatest finale evaaaaarrrr.

*grabs head* I need an ice pack for my head. This is my 4th ice pack for the day.


Gummy Yummy

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

When it comes to sweets, I will only give in to three bribes: Hershey's (bar chocolate or Kisses), Fruitella, and Gummy worms (or bears).

Offer me a mint, I'll decline. Offer me bubblegum, I can consider declining. I can say no to a craving of Skittles candy. But present me with these three (especially the gummy worms), then my fingers will find its way to that bag of candy.

Photo taken from Jefferson General Store site.

I have a pack of gummy worms hidden away in my fridge. I always grab a worm and chew on it every Saturday. I like 'em hard and cold, fresh from the fridge. I chew on it and wait for it to soften inside my mouth.

lalalalalala. Food gloree-yooos food!

I'm not into those Belgian chocolate. (cue lady with dark red lipstick, licking her lips to the sight of oh-so seductive chocolates). Even if they say that dark chocolate is healthy, I won't give in to them. It's not like I gorge on sweets every single day. I know how to eat in moderation, that's why I won't go all hypocrite and say that I eat dark chocolate because it's healthy. Bring in the sugar!!! Because tomorrow, my lunch would be veggies. I need the sugar too, yah know. And Josh Groban is not enough sugar rush. I need 'em real stuff. (that Josh Groban line is sooo totally random.)

Today is Saturday, therefore, I am entitled to at least one gummy worm. March away!

Weird. When I searched for gummy worms pictures, I got this:

What does Bridge to Terabithia and Indiana Jones have to do with gummy worms?


blurry lights

>> Thursday, May 08, 2008

Whoever thought of creating a memory card for cameras is a genius. It gives me all the freedom to experiment and keep on clicking. I don't need to think of making a good shot because practicing and risking is the best way to get it right.

I took over 50 shots on the way home. It was a good night to take pictures. Our van was on coding, therefore we had to use our 1983 Toyota Corolla to roam the streets. The corolla wasn't tinted so I had 360 degrees access to taking photos.

It was drizzling too. It produced drops on the glass, making them perfect lenses to blur lights from cars and street signs. I just kept on clicking. I didn't care if the drivers and their passengers were aware of the light coming from my camera. I wouldn't get a good shot of their faces anyway; it was too dark for details.

This is how bad my eyesight is. Without my glasses, lights become colored circles on the dark night. It's sucky for me, but when they come out in photographs, they become purdeeee. Hahahaha

I just kept on clicking. I think I should call this entry, "accidental shots." Once I determined the right shutter speed, I just kept shooting. Enough light to enter the camera, just the right speed so that the lights won't look splattered and bright.

Watery fireworks - Stop, go. Stop, Go

There's another title for this blog entry: "Lonely on a rainy night."

*laughs* naaaaw, I'm not lonely. And neither am I emo. :))


A Myth of Devotion

>> Tuesday, May 06, 2008

by Louise Gl├╝ck

When Hades decided he loved this girl
he built for her a duplicate of earth,
everything the same, down to the meadow,
but with a bed added.

Everything the same, including sunlight,
because it would be hard on a young girl
to go so quickly from bright light to utter darkness

Gradually, he thought, he'd introduce the night,
first as the shadows of fluttering leaves.
Then moon, then stars. Then no moon, no stars.
Let Persephone get used to it slowly.
In the end, he thought, she'd find it comforting.

A replica of earth
except there was love here.
Doesn't everyone want love?

He waited many years,
building a world, watching
Persephone in the meadow.
Persephone, a smeller, a taster.
If you have one appetite, he thought,
you have them all.

Doesn't everyone want to feel in the night
the beloved body, compass, polestar,
to hear the quiet breathing that says
I am alive, that means also
you are alive, because you hear me,
you are here with me. And when one turns,
the other turns—

That's what he felt, the lord of darkness,
looking at the world he had
constructed for Persephone. It never crossed his mind
that there'd be no more smelling here,
certainly no more eating.

Guilt? Terror? The fear of love?
These things he couldn't imagine;
no lover ever imagines them.

He dreams, he wonders what to call this place.
First he thinks: The New Hell. Then: The Garden.
In the end, he decides to name it
Persephone's Girlhood.

A soft light rising above the level meadow,
behind the bed. He takes her in his arms.
He wants to say I love you, nothing can hurt you

but he thinks
this is a lie, so he says in the end
you're dead, nothing can hurt you
which seems to him
a more promising beginning, more true.

Taken from poets.org. I will never forget this poem. Hahahahahaha


in all un-seriousness

>> Monday, May 05, 2008

I have a blog entry in mind, but I'm too lazy to think about grammar and coherence. I'll post it sometime, when I have all the time in the world to procrastinate. That means work. Hahahaha

I nicked this from Thirdy's friendster. Gone are the days where I used to flood people's bulletin boards with these online tests.

My brain is fried and tired with all the writing I did this morning. STRESS KUNG STRESS!

1. Say something about ur lovelife. Currently non existent. I'm not complaining, I have all the time to be single.

2. fave song as for now Electricity from the musical Billy Elliot. Can someone take me to watch this play in West End? I know I won't be able to see Liam Mower perform, but I'd still love to watch whoever is playing Billy.

3. fave tv show as for now I'm still a solid fan of Kyle XY and CSI. Heroes come in second place. When will season three come?

4. last movie you saw Iron man is the shiz! In a few hours, it'll be Billy Elliot. Holy smackerel. I downloaded the version that is dubbed in Spanish. HAHAHAHAHAHA I'll just watch se7en instead.

5. With whom? Edlyn, Geopet, Jace, Jay, Cerz and Paulo.

6. yosi or beer? Neither. I don't smoke and I don't drink.

7. have you ever fallen in love w/ a friend? I'd love to have a friend first, then fall in love with him. But as of now, I will repeat what I said this morning. I have never fallen in love. =)) Boo me.

8. what song is currently playing? Some song I don't know. The opening song in Billy Elliot.

9. any pets? what are their names? Those are mom's pets. Mom has four love birds and I only know the name of one: Venti.

10. may nasuntok ka na ba? Jokingly, a lot. But if you're talking about fist fighting, then no.

11. ano sinabi nung sinuntok mo? The usual answer, "Ano ba?" or "Aray naman!"

12. which do you prefer? jollibee or mcdo? Jollibee for food choices, McDo for the burgers and fries. And soda. The soda from Jollibee is sometimes watery.

13. wendy's or kfc? why? Wendy's. Because of the burgers. I luuurve Hamburger Deluxe.

14. ever had your heart broken? No. But if you're gonna consider Lee Mead dating Denise Van Outen, then yes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm just kidding.

15. what did you do to the person who broke your heart? I still continued watching is videos on youtube? :)) Not applicable. Because.

16. what's inside your pocket? Nothing. I don't usually place stuff inside my pocket.

17. Kanino ka may utang? Mom's credit card. I still have to pay for that book I bought a few weeks ago.

18. biggest regret in life? It's useless anyway. I'm happy where I am right now.

19. What made you happy today? Sleep. And the fact that I was absent because of um.. a test.

20. best place you'd rather be? Beach. Oh wait, Scotland. Yown.

21. last time you cried? I can't remember. February? EH KASI. waahahahah

22. what do you want to do right now? same old, same old. Those worksheets.

23. huling tinext mo? Marthakins. She was telling me about her swimming training.

24. describe yourself in one word Hyperactive. I guess.

25. huling ginawa mo kagabi bago matulog? Transfered beds. I slept in the living room. hahaha

26. nakapunta ka na ba sa cebu? Take me there.

27. huling inutos sayo? "turn off the lights in the terrace"

28. magulo ba dyan sa lugar nyo? magulo as in makalat? No. Magulo as in fights, occasionally there are fights down the road.

29. happy ka ba ngaun? More of thankful.

30. nakapunta ka na ba sa malabon zoo? Yeah. It's been a decade since I've last visited the place. I would love to go zoo hopping this year. Jaa-aace, are you seeing this?

31. huli mong kinain? Liempo, I think.

32. huli mong ininom? Water. It's sooo freakin' hoooot.

33. naka -experience ka na ba ng lindol? Of course.

34. kelan ka huling sumakay ng elevator? The last time I went to the gym. Last week I think.

35. anong gagawin mo bukas? Go to Unilab.

36. Anung gusto mo itanong KUNG IKAW ANG GUMAWA NG SURVEY NA ITO? Why are you so freakin' concerned? =))

37. anong oras ka natulog kagabi?.. I can't remember. 1030 I think.

38. anong huling binili mo?.. Food. I paid for our lunch.

39. huling tanong, hows your heart? Beating properly, thank you very much.


How's your hearing?

>> Saturday, May 03, 2008

So, you would wonder what is this picture have to do with hearing?

22 artists, including Josh Groban, are hearing ambassadors. They are campaigning against loss of hearing. Everyone is the target for this condition and it is easy to lose your hearing. Prevention is the only key to hearing loss, thus these artists volunteered to be part of this movements against silence.

As part of the campaign, the photographer Bryan Adams came up with an exhibit for Hear the World. One of his subjects was Josh Groban, whose picture you can see (and drool over) on my bloggie. One of my favorites is Bono and his guitar. You should check out the gallery. The opening photographs will be up sometime this month.

There's a link in the website where you can test your hearing capability. A series of pictures are shown and you have to click it, according to the sound that you hear from the speakers. The static noise gets louder every click, while the word spoken gets softer. I took the test, just to see if I need to tone down my music whenever I'm at work or at home.

Thankfully, my ears are working fine.

Take the test to see how your ears are fairing. It's also a way to know if you need to give your iPod a rest and store them away to help your ears recover.

Here are tips on how to take care of your hearing:

1. Clean your ears once a week. NOT every other day, NOT every day, and DEFINITELY NOT every hour. Your ears need wax and they have a capability of cleaning the excess wax. Once a week is just enough to aid the cleaning system. It'll also save you on cotton or cotton buds. And oh, please don't use your finger to clean your ear. Gross and unsafe.

2. If you can't live without your iPod or mp3 players, tone down the volume. If it's possible, do it at the lowest possible level. One way to check if your music is too loud, ask your seatmate if he can hear the music from your earphones. If he says yes, then you're in big trouble. Tone it down before you become deaf. If you need blaring music, then use speakers instead of earphones stuck to you ear. The speakers allow your ears to adapt to other sounds besides the rock or punk music that you love.

3. If your surrounding is noisy, don't turn the volume up. Your ears are getting strained with the noise, then you'll add to the noise pollution by putting on earphones and blasting loud music. There are two solutions: One, put ear plugs. Two, get the hell out of that place.

4. Try to give your iPod or mp3 players a rest. Turn it off and listen to the sounds around you. Close your eyes and focus on your surroundings. You'll be amazed at what your ears can do. When I'm awake in the middle of the night, I can sometimes hear the firetruck siren from afar. I know that the fire station nearest to our house is two subdivisions away. Still, I can hear it when there's a fire. Sound can travel for distances. Let the sound reach your ear.

5. Don't abuse your hearing. Your ears work 24/7. Even if you don't notice the soundwaves entering your ear, your ear still picks it up. Even the smallest of sounds enters your ear. It's now your task to work with your brain in determining what those sounds are. Appreciate your ears and don't take them for granted.

So, how is your hearing?


Picking a Nancy because it's a hard knock life

>> Thursday, May 01, 2008

The BBC reality show "I'd Do Anything" is one of the shows that I watch via YouTube. It's not available on cable or on local channels. I have the help of Wikipedia to help me track the episodes, the missions of the Nancys and Olivers, the group performances and the eliminations.

I don't really care much about the Nancys as much as I care about the Olivers. I only watch the group performances of the Nancys because it shows their vulnerability. The individual performances are more to their advantage because they are able to pick their songs and fit them to their vocal range. The group performance puts them all in one vocal range and they have to adapt to it. And with only a few lines for them to sing a solo, they have to hit the right notes to stand out.

On the third week, the Nancys sang "Good Morning Baltimore" from the musical "Hairspray." I scrutinized their movements, their dancing skills, their vocals, and facial expressions.

Vocally, my favorite is Niamh. She's easy to spot -- she's the the one that looks like Wednesday Adams, according to the judges. Heeee. Her eyes are heavily lined with black eyeliner. The other contestants didn't hit the notes on "oh-oh-oh" (the start of every line in the verses). I cringed when they were singing. Their dancing was all over the place. It's horrible in the sense that they over did it. Nikki Blondsky did great in the movie so I was expecting them to be better since it's theater. Niamh was the only one who did it right.

I want her to win because she's a great singer. However, if she wants to become Nancy, she should take off the eyeliner. Nancy is supposed to be a poor and motherly woman to Oliver and we couldn't have a goth-looking lady on stage. Of course, eyeliner is important on stage to bring out the eyes, but not too much. It makes her look dark.

I wouldn't end this post without a performance by the Olivers. There are five kids now who are to move on to the semi finals: Gwion (Squeee! Welsh accent!), Chester (my Pie Jesu kid), Arthur (the MCR fan), Kwayedza (the only black kid with a very endearing husky voice), and Alexander (the stunt master). I can't really pick a favorite because they're all talented and you'll see the passion in their eyes when they do the challenges. If Kwayedza wins, the man who'll play Mr. Brownlow should be black too. It'll look inconsistent if Oliver is black then Mr. Brownlow, who turns out to be Oliver's relative, is white. West End should be prepared for that.

These kids are ready to become Olivers. "It's a Hard Knock Life" is my most favorite Oliver performance so far. They're so damn cute.


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