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When you believe, I believe

>> Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've been an Archuleta Fan since he sang Imagine on American Idol. Then, in the course of the show, I've changed favorites. Sometimes, it became Michael Johns, sometimes David Cook, sometimes Jason Castro. I'm still an Arch Angel, but nothing came close to beating his rendition of Imagine.

Not until today.

This week's theme is Mariah Carey songs and David Archuleta chose to sing "When You Believe." If you're familiar with the movie Prince of Egypt (which, by the way, has a wonderful soundtrack) then you would recognize this song. It's sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. It's an amazing piece with very inspiring lyrics.

It was the perfect song for David.

What made this song move up to my David song list is his way of singing it. He's the balladeer type, and we normally would associate the word "cute" to his balladeer-ness (if ever there is such a word). Today, he became a man.

Here's what I texted Trish and Chikai after watching his video on youtube:

"David Archuleta grunting on his song made him a man. TOTAL HAWTIE. Not cute, but HOT. Our little baby has turned into a man!"

Yes, he grunted (or growled. Or whatever term you call the throaty growling in a song). Not to mention the falsetto, he's really making his way into stardom. Wait, he IS a star already.

When the contestants sing a hit song, they are always compared to the original singer. Example, when Syesha sang "I will always love you" by Whitney, she was compared to Whitney. She got a comment saying that "it sounded like you were trying to copy Whitney" (or something like that, I can't remember). Same goes for David Cook and Michael Johns when they did rock songs. For this particular song, David made it his own, without making it sound forced that he's making it his own.

I haven't seen the others yet, so I can't judge if that was the best performance of the night. I won't bother looking for the others on youtube; I can wait till tonight. :P For now, I'll recover from an instant David hangover.

ps. I browsed through the comments on youtube, and I found one comment very funny:

yeah...not digging the pants...
but damn, his voice makes up for it...


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