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Up on the roof

>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

I went up on the roof yesterday to catch the sunset. The trees were blocking my view if I took pictures from our (was once) tennis court. Armed with my camera and my tripod, I pushed open our sun roof and stepped onto the small cemented space on our roof. A little balcony, if you will call it. I would've sat on the roof, but I didn't have anyone to pull me to safety, just in case I slipped and fell to my death. Hahahaha So I stayed on the cemented area, where I had a rusty fence to keep me safe.

I stayed for two hours, just right to catch the sky change from blue to orange to purple. I wished our mango tree was still there, where mangoes would be just within reach. But they cut it down years ago to spare us from being crushed by a huge mango tree during storms. :P

Next time, I'll bring a banig and read a book there. The breeze is wonderful.


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